Saddle Help!



Well first of all, your post is pretty close to violating the “no advertising” rules.

Second, it’s a pretty unpopular, unfashionable saddle. It has it’s fans, of course, but it’s not going to be a quick sale. As an educated buyer, I would question whether it’s actually only been ridden in “less than 10 times”, since it’s a model that Stubben hasn’t produced with much regularity for years now. It’s not completely impossible to find “attic treasure” saddles, of course, but just mentioning that that phrase popped up warning flags when I was reading the description.

I would contact Stubben with the serial number, so that you can at least get an accurate age on it.

After that? They seem to regularly go on eBay in the $500 range.

If you bought it new, can you not contact the seller and ask if you can trade it in for something else? As far as resale, Stubbens are not popular as far as dressage saddles go, your best best is to do research. I saw a used one listed for $500 if that gives you an idea.

Well, that’s not quite true. There ARE some newer models that are quite popular and will sell for decent prices. However, you will never see a Stubben that was $3000 new selling for $2700 used, the way you will with other more “trendy” brands.

OP’s model, however, even if someone had Stubben make it recently, is quite out of fashion.

Well. With all due respect, I am not advertising. I am clearly looking for an educated answer to a question.

Next, everyone has their own opinion. You may think this is an unfashionable saddle, however, someone else may think it’s perfectly fashionable, or they may not care about how fashionable it is.

Lastly, thank you for your help. Around the 500$ range was what I was looking for.

Thank you!