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Saddle ID?

I’ve been on the prowl for an affordable close contact saddle and came across an unbranded saddle that has me intrigued on ebay:


It seems to be surprisingly high quality for an unbranded saddle made in Argentina (says "industria argentina on one of the billet flaps). Nailheads look like they’re plain brass without any logo. Does anyone have a guess as to what brand this might be? I know a number of makers like collegiate, S-W mystic and pessoa have manufactured saddles in Argentina, but I would assume this would be designated on the nailhead. I’ve mainly been looking at old crosbys thus far since I’ve really liked crosby XLs I’ve ridden in and they seem to hold their value well but I’m a tiny bit tempted…

I think it can be hard to assess quality based on pictures. I wouldn’t risk it.

That’s a Thornhill. The model escapes me but it was probably sold originally under the pro-trainer name for about $750. Thornhill uses the same factory as Ovation and their new saddles use the same gullet system.