Saddle Pad for monoflap saddle

I have a Devocoux Chiberta in an 18.5’’ seat with the 3A flap (so extra long, but not extra forward). I have an XL Ecogold XC pad which I love-however the girth loop isn’t in the right place-they’ve been great and said they’d make one for me with the loop moved where I wanted it, but I’m worried that it may not have a long enough drop anyway even with the girth loop moved.

Has anyone else run into the problem of having trouble finding a saddle pad to fit their extra long monoflap? What brands have worked well, which ones are worth avoiding?

I know that Toklat will make a pad to measure off a template and although it may take a bit, they a have come out good.

I get the semi-custom Toklats from Adams Horse Supply for my chiberta (similar flap/seat sizes) and it works if you get the xc cut. I have not had an issue with them taking a while, except around Christmas

Success Equestrian pads have a monoflap event pad that Eventing Nation did a review on:

And in the comments at the bottom, it appears that the saddle used in the photos is the same model as yours, OP.

I have a childeric with a 3AAA in an 18.5

I use Poly Pads quite a bit. I just really like them and they work well with my horses saddle fit.

I also love the PRI pads. Long enough and hold up really well.

The Roma A/P saddle pads work fine as well.

I used the ecogold square pad and its not as long as Id like, but it does fit.