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Saddle Pad

Has anyone had any experience with a pad like this that has a built up front for high withered horses?

Why not get a saddle that fits the horse? I know it’s harder to find a western saddle that fits a high withered “English” back, but a pad won’t make full quarter horse bars fit a TB.


The saddle is FQHB. He just has high withers. Saddle fits well, I was just wondering about this.

I think I am going with a fleece lined pad I can get locally. And my senior discount kicks in just in time!

Used to be they made a “cut back built up pad” that had a U shaped cut out at the wither and was just a bit thicker at the front. Just when you need a bit more at the wither and nowhere else.

I had one long ago and it worked well. Now they look to build it up all over and I was afraid to buy one.

I miss my old pad. Hope your works well.

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Tell us more. If the saddle fits well, why do you feel you need a built up pad?

Can you post pictures of the saddle on the horse’s back, with no pad?