Saddle Re-flocking?

I have an older model Pessoa AO (potentially like 15 years old at this point) that is in great condition for its age. It got a lot of use during my university years and over the several years that I spent riding multiple horses at multiple barns, also spent a lot of time in the trunk of my car which was probably not the best way to treat an older saddle!
Recently I have noticed a few little wrinkles on the panels- closer to the front of the saddle, one wrinkle on the left side and two on the right.
So my questions are- do these wrinkles suggest the presence of more serious structural damage, or is this an issue that can be resolved with reflocking the panels?

I would get a reliable saddler to look at it. Saddlers can be but are usually not fitters. They make saddles.

At this point in it’s life it is probably overdue for reflocking, but I doubt it will affect the panels.

Make sure it is wool flocked. Many jumping saddles have panels constructed of other material, like latex, and are not flocked. If it is wool flocking and has wrinkles, then yes, you should get it reflocked.

You could always get the foam panels replaced with wool, even if it’s not wool to start. Saddlers offer this service; I’ve used Smith Worthington in Hartford, CT. Beval in NJ also offers it though I don’t know if they will work on saddles other than their own.

It probably does not indicate structural damage given the location you describe, especially since it is occurring on both sides.

It’s probably a foam saddle, but FWIW, I don’t think it would benefit to have it changed to wool flocking. Foam panels tend to be less generous with the leather, making it difficult to get enough wool in without causing the panels to “sausage”. It will also change the fit. Google what your saddle is selling for on-line and use that as a guideline to whether or not it’s worth converting. If it’s going for under 800, it’s probably not worth it since conversions go for anywhere from 250 to 400.