Saddle recommendations needed

Hello, I have a wide short backed pony and I am starting some endurance trail riding with a friend and would like recommendations for a saddle. I am also dabbling in western dressage so something lightweight and with a horn would be great. Any advice greatly appreciated. TIA

Your saddle is not required to have a horn for Western Dressage but it must be a Western or Australian style saddle for competition. If you don’t plan to compete you can do it in any saddle.

You have two other important parameters – fitting the saddle to your horse, and to your budget. It’s easy to spend $3-5K on a good saddle, but if you find a saddle you like, you can often find one used for a third to half the price. If you go synthetic, like Wintec, those are much cheaper and also quite light.

I would say, avoid treeless, they can really slide around on those wide backs. Might start with saddles made for Arabians. But working with a good saddle fitter is really important. Almost any saddle made for endurance will be light.

Crates has several lighter weight round/short skirted ladies western saddles- mostly trail or reining. I have a Crates ladies light trail saddle and like it quite a bit.

Circle Y has a great selection as well- the Omaha trail is a nice one. There are a lot of choices based on fit, saddle type and style that appeals to you.

This is the model I have-

I suggest you order the saddle fit tool from horse saddle shop to get the correct width. It was $15 with shipping, easy to use and accurate. I would have never guessed my QH was an extra wide. They also follow up with you and offer assistance on helping you find the best saddle for your needs.

Here is a link