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Saddle size question

I’m currently leasing a horse (for now) and my saddle does not fit her. I’ve been riding in my trainer’s saddle but would like look for my own similar saddle. I’d prefer to go with something used until I buy another horse of my own (hopefully in the not too too distant future). This is an Antares 17.5” stamped 2A L and the flaps feel a little short and not quite forward enough.
Best picture I have (from a video I took of myself riding, sorry not very flattering!!).
I’m not sure what the 2A L is in comparison. I always thought I was a 17.5” 3AA.

Thoughts? Thanks! Sorry for the terrible pictures!

I like a short flap, so that’s what I have (even though I don’t have short flap legs). I don’t think there’s a right or wrong, just what you prefer.

It’s hard to get a sense for the flap angle when you’re sitting like you are in the photos, because your not really in a riding position. Your stirrups look too short, e,g., which makes it look not forward enough. But what happens when you stretch down into your leg when you’re actually riding? Your leg position looks much different (and better) in the smaller screen shots under the photos, from what I can see.

Antares 2 flaps are more standard than a 3, length wise. So, your 2A flap will be shorter and less forward than the 3AA you mentioned.

I agree it’s hard to tell in your photos but the flap does look like it could be a hair more forward based on your leg position. The L you mention is a code for seat width. L is more wide than the standard Antares seat size, N.

That saddle works as long as you don’t go up in stirrup height at all. I’m not sure what you are currently jumping, but just judging from the photos I don’t think you’d need to go up in stirrup height any more even if you aren’t already jumping the bigger stuff.

You may feel more secure in a slightly more forward flap. However, some saddles have a different balance in where you sit, so switching to a flatter seat type within the brand may be enough without getting the forward flap. Just make sure you don’t go overboard and buy something too forward, because then you are actually putting yourself in a even worse position. (I accidentally had this happen to me, I paired a flat seat with a semi forward flap and ended up with a saddle in that my knees weren’t touching the padding anymore!)