Saddle storage

Ok, one of those odd questions that pops into your head. What are your favorite saddle racks or ways of saddle storage? Is there a method better than others to extend its life? Do certain racks cause damage from sitting the same way long term? Thanks!

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Saddle racks that have the saddle resting on the panels can dent the flocking long term. Long term storage I prefer a bar that goes down the gullet channel.

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For longer term storage on a saddle rack, especially wire or rod saddle racks, add a thicker blanket under the saddle.
Then the saddle will rest more evenly.

We had some stored like that forever that are fine after long time.

We have a half wall in our house by the front door. I have my dressage sitting on that with a pillow underneath to protect the flocking.

I bought some Saddle Mattresses (small business I saw an ad for on Facebook). They are great! They fit over standard racks.

Interesting, thank you.
I checked it out and this came up: