Saddle strings

I have a ReactorPanel flapless saddle which has lots of dee rings; I need to outfit them with strings or latigos to tie stuff on my saddle. But not sure what to use? Paracord? Looking for something that doesn’t untie itself. Does anyone use those slip-up and grab plastic spring things that backpacks have?

I got a bunch of long leather boot laces from the work wear shop. Like on Western saddles.

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Those spring slides fail when loaded a lot, in my experience, anyway. Unless the tie is slippery, a good knot will keep most from slipping. If there’s a physical reason not to have knots, nylon webbing with keepers work well.

Dang, I guess I’m going to have to learn to tie good knots now. Sigh.

It just occurred to me that You could tie a knot below the spring clip, the as that would take a lot of the pressure off of it.

That’s worth a thought, too.

These hold up well.


Please get strings longer than 12 inches total. You really can not tie much on with a 6 inch length. 12 inch string folded in half on the D ring is 6 inches, though the thin pointed ends may not be usable.

Keep checking on the Weaver site, they will have longer strings on there someplace. I would get strings at least a total of 24 inches long, though 36 inches would be my preferance… I have needed to tie a variety of stuff on my saddle in the past, needed that extra length ! Ha ha

When ready, fold the string in half, make a short slit in both strings, about an inch down from the fold. Then put one end of string thru the D ring. Place the fold on the D ring, pull the lower string up thru slit in top string. Then pull the now lower string up thru slit of top string half. This should lock string in place on the D ring, ready to tie things on with. Won’t work loose, yet can be detached if you need the string for some reason.


I know I’m late to this party, but just for future readers, the little spring clip things are called cord locks. You can get them cheap on Amazon. They work awesome with elastic shock cord for tying your jacket to the back of the saddle. I wouldn’t use them for anything heavier, but they’re perfect for that task. They are easy and silent to operate. Leather strings are nice for securing anything heavier.

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Never too late for a good idea!

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