Saddle suggestions for high/long withers?

So, after a torturously long wait, I finally got my horse in September. 2007 TB mare, 15.2, retired after 5 years on the track and 39 starts.

I’m still not sure exactly what I will be doing with her (currently we’re still working on “don’t chase the other ponies”), but if she takes to it, I would love to event. And I am wondering if anyone has anything to say about her conformation in regards to the discipline.

Back in July, right after a race (excuse the fact that she’s turning her head away from the camera and making her neck look short):

First time in the round pen in September:

Also, as you can probably guess, her withers that go practically halfway into her back are the bane of my existence at the moment. Any saddle suggestions that I can find (new or used) for less than $1500-2k?

Like most TB’s, your horse will need a deeper front panel to give the saddle some lift in front without squeezing the withers and a rear gusset that is not too deep. I think most people go too narrow. K panels, trapezius, skid row, wither and full front gussets are options you should look for when looking at saddles. Wool flocked is another option I would consider as your horse will probably change somewhat. There are a lot of well made UK saddles that have these options and there are used ones that can be found around 2000.00, sometimes less.

Jaybird660, do you have any specific suggestions for saddles that fit that description? She is rather petite, but definitely has that big, powerful TB shoulder that I want to make sure I’m not impeding. I definitely do want a wool-flocked saddle.

I have used a County Conquest for those types and also hear the Black County Quantum is a good option. Both with the SR or K panels

County, Black Country, Ideal, Kent and Masters, Thorowgood, Albion, Heritage, Hastilow, etc.

Any of the wool-flocked English brands that offer some form of semi-customization. You will have to hunt around if shopping used, as not all of them will come with the skidrow/k-panels. Not all models from all brands will fall under that $2k point, but you should be able to find something serviceable.

As some have mentioned, all of the Black Country jump saddles can be made with those options. The Quantum model has been around longer so it might be easier to find some well used ones in your price range. Same with Frank Baines but I particularly like the Reflex cc. A lot of the County jump saddles with skid row panels and wither gussets.

Thanks everyone! I have definitely been interested in the County jump saddles, and I will be looking around and keeping all of these suggestions in mind.

I know that stubbens fit a lot of ottb’s and they are wool flocked.

Wow, those are long withers! I’m rather familiar with that back, not too different from my boys (although one is long backed, but it still comes down to giant withers & hollows behind them).

After 3 years of Saddle Wars, I have learned much. Best solutions I have found for that problem (thanks to wonderful gift-givers in my life & great help from Jay, above, & my local fitter):

Kent & Masters for the short-backed one, Thorowgood’s new lines are excellent too, although I don’t own one of those.
Black Country for the other, with a k-panel & wither gussets (butt candy!)

The short-backed TB didn’t need the k-panel, does have wither gussets. I like the K&M & TG much better than my Collegiate Convertible on both horses; all three have interchangeable gullets, but the plates for the K&M/TG have much longer points & are straight. The Collegiate/Wintec plates are too short & created pressure points.

I can’t afford a new jump saddle, but fortunately the magic of an Ecogold half pad solved that. If I ever can replace my jump saddle though, TG it shall be!! It’s tough though, as I have freaky long femurs – hence the Collegiate (Diploma) w/ long forward flap so my leg finally fit in a saddle!!

I’m pretty sure all cows in Walsall, England live in perpetual terror… But both all 3 of those saddles are fully customizable & I adore both of mine.

Okay, so I have found a County Symmetry with the SR panels and a Medium tree for a very reasonable price. I’m taking it on trial next week and crossing my fingers so hard that it fits the tricky girl. I’ve also heard great things about the Thorowgood T8 High Wither Compact, so I will probably take that on trial from SmartPak if the County doesn’t work out.