Saddle suggestions for high-withers / fitter in SF Bay area?

Posting for a dear friend who just bought a very nice OTTB with pretty prominent withers. She needs a dressage saddle and a jump saddle. Total budget for both is $7k.

Are there any recommended fitters (preferably independent) in the SF Bay area? She says there’s one tack shop there with a decent number of saddles you can take on trial, but she doesn’t feel comfortable evaluating fit herself.

Does anyone have saddle recommendations for this back? (Please ignore the hives. Also, she is aware that he needs some groceries after his coast-to-coast travels and a better topline.) Thanks!

I’d get an adjustable saddle till he gains and fills out a bit. Kent and Masters maybe?

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That wither? That ol thing… Ahh that is nothing compared to what I am dealing with ahah

Amerigo is the best go to for dressage saddles. Hard to tell from the photos but likely a Cervia or Close Contact dressage would work for that topline. Their website has examples of what model works for what topline.

I have had great success with Voltaire Lexington on my huge withered girls for jumping.

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My backs like that have fit well in my Kent & Masters & I’ve been really happy with that saddle, probably had it about 10 yrs now. Great TB wither clearance & nice to ride in, flexible as the horse changes shape (3 TBS have worn it so far, my fitter just tweaks wool where needed) & stands up to working.

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I had that same spine to deal with a while back and ended up with a Reactor Panel dressage saddle that worked amazingly, and a Stubben Roxane that I had reflocked.

@Libby2563 I can’t message you because your profile’s hidden but if you’re interested in those two saddles, message me. I’m in the SF bay area.


Black Country ricochet with wither gussets

I second K&M high wither saddles.

Are there any recommended fitters (preferably independent)

Susan Hartje and Teri Rohm

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