Saddle suggestions for long wither, flat back Lusitano

Trying to find a new saddle for my Lusitano mare. Long relatively high wither, flat back. Petite mare so I don’t want anything too bulky.
Current saddle is a Macel Samba with 15" flap but it is a bit too low for her wither and the balance is not correct (too low at the back so I chair-seat).

I live in the middle of no where in France so cannot try saddles and have no access to a saddle fitter. Basically I have to buy a saddle and hope to god it fits.
Budget limited but I don’t want to ride in a junky saddle so I generally go for old models of good brands.

Have you inquired with Anke Just saddlery? They travel all over Europe and have a big inventory (including Amerigo, which may suit based on the discussion from the other thread).

My budget is 600 EUR so if I paid a fitter (if there was ever one near here) it doesn’t leave a lot to buy a saddle…

I did find an older Amerigo Cervia in my price range which sounds like it’s designed for a horse exactly like mine (this is how I found your other thread because I was looking up experiences of Amerigo). Unfortunately it’s a - 1/2 tree width so I think it’ll be on the narrow side :sob: :sob: There don’t seem to be many used Amerigo in France even at any price range.

I am tempted to try a Kieffer but I am afraid it will feel like a crusty old Stubben…

I had a Passier for my former horse that I liked but I don’t know if they’re designed for this kind of horse.

My trainer uses Dominique Barbier saddles on all of her Lusitanos. Not sure if they’re available where you are.

How wide is your horse? The +0.5 was wider than I thought.

I don’t actually know!! I just guessed she’s a medium but don’t know how to properly measure. My sister suggested I trace a piece of wire over her wither but now I don’t know what part I am even meant to measure to get an accurate measurement for a saddle.
It’s like wandering around in the dark over here :rofl:
It would be helpful to know, though, what a medium in Amerigo is. Perhaps the -0.5 wouldn’t even be that narrow.
The person said she was riding a PRE stallion in it so I can’t imagine that he was very narrow…

Ah whoops, thought it was +0.5

It might be narrow then. However, it could’ve been adjusted a bit wider perhaps?

Yeah I asked her and she didn’t know because she had also bought it used.
I guess the other option is that I buy it like this and still get a saddle fitter to widen it if it’s necessary. From what I understand Amerigo can be changed +/- 1.5? Which is quite a lot.

I liked the look of a Belloir too although I don’t know anything about the saddles or how they fit.

My horse was described has having a long wither, round barreled with a short flat back. The saddle chosen for him was an Equipe Bocelli, unfortunately quite pricey.

thanks for your input!
I have emailed my old saddle fitter in Canada with a photo of my horse and she also suggested the Equipe Bocelli, by chance! But it’s true even the old ones are way out of my price range.
She also suggested an Albion SLK Platinum which is in my price range, so I’m pursuing that, now. Although on the look out for an Amerigo as well or perhaps a Passier Corona (the most affordable).

The Amerigo rep was very helpful and suggested a Classic for my horse.