Saddle suggestions? with photos

6 year old horse changing pretty fast. Had a saddle fit to him a month ago that is now much too narrow. Looking to get something inexpensive to get through to spring before ordering custom. Any brand or model suggestions? I need an 18” seat and a narrow twist. The pic with a saddle on is a thorn hill Vienna closest fit in the barn but 20” seat is too uncomfortable for me. He has a forward girth groove and big shoulder big mover

Have you considered treeless (or soft tree). I bought a Heather Moffett Vogue when I was legging up my mare after I’d been injured and she got too fat for her treed saddle. I liked it so much I still ride in it.

I have not ridden in a treeless saddle. I am worried that it feel too wide for me. I prefer a fairly narrow twist.

For a short term solutions, I recommend Thorowgoods. Fits most horses reasonably well and inexpensive. Plus they are adjustable.


The HM saddle I have feels exactly like my treed saddle. I do agree that some of the brands are like riding a barrel.

Why not a Vienna in a smaller seat size? IIRC, the Vienna is supposed to be similar to Passier Grand Gilbert, which tend to be inexpensive used, and might be more comfortable.


For narrow twist saddles for wide horses, I recommend Albion, Bourne, Black Country (one kind, the others have super wide twists, sorry I can’t remember what it was), and Frank Baines. Trilogy too but I think they will be too flat for your guy. I would look at Bourne and Frank Baines.

Thanks everyone. Any opinion on Tekna or letek? I am just so far from everything and our local store has a letek that seems like a possibility. I have been scouring marketplace and nothing within 2 hours looks like it will work without the saddle fitter and she is not back until spring.

Take a peek over at Bua saddles. Narrow twist with a tree that can fit most horses.

I don’t own a horse so I don’t have the saddle, but this is one that is first on my list if I do get a horse.

I had my guy in a MW Frank Baines (Aires de Haute) and really loved it but needed to size up to an 18.5". I’m currently riding in a Detente Isis but the Frank Baines has a lovely narrow twist that I do miss!