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Saddle suggestions


I’ve recently had my young horse assessed by an independent saddle fitter who made some suggestions as to a number of saddles that would suit my horse. However, as I live in Australia, those saddles are very difficult to find second hand and only available by one supplier each, so there’s little chance of getting a competitive price new. We also get totally screwed over by retail prices in this country (eg. we pay much more than you do in the US for the same item originating from the same place) and it can often be much cheaper to buy in the states and have it sent to Australia. I thought it may be a good idea to ask what may be available in the US and if you can suggest suppliers who might ship to Australia?

The horse is a 16.2 WB, who will be 5yo in Feb 2015.
He has a long saddle platform of 49cm, and a deep true drop of 8cm. Gullet medium-wide to wide (depending on brand). He’s uphill at the withers with a low set rib shelf at the withers, and higher set at the middle and rear. Forward girth groove. Deep shoulder pockets due to his deep wither vertebrae.

He needs a saddle with long tree points, a dropped front panel and deep rear gussets with no less than a 6.5cm width of channel.

Saddle suggestions are: Ideal Suzannah, Kent & Masters High Wither S Series, Fairfax, Defiance Professional, Pessoa Euro with Alto panels.

My question is, are you able to make any other suggestions?