Saddles... forward flap with Voltaire like fit?

Sorry for yet another annoying saddle thread.

I’m in need of a new jumping saddle that fits the unicorn (:blush:) better. Current saddle is an Albion K2 that I like pretty well but it is bridging in the center of the back on him and well, I’d like to do better by him than that.

Dressage saddle is a Voltaire and the tree/ panel shape is pretty good for him. I don’t really see much that Voltaire offers in the forward flap department though. I have a long leg and femur so need that. Also my budget is preferably around 3K…

I’d love to hear suggestions of saddles that may fit similar to Voltaire. I’m over 40 and could care less about trendy! Horse is a TB.

Voltaire is a huge jumping brand. I would think they’d make a forward flap jump saddle. In general the French foam saddles seem pretty forward built to me?

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I am 6 ft and all leg. I have a 4AA flap Voltaire (extra long and extra forward) and it works great for me!

Voltaire absolutely makes a forward flap on jumping saddles, I have one - they do both AA and AAA flaps.

Thanks— just seemed like every photo I have seen is very straight, I’m glad to hear that. I’ll have to start searching!

If anyone has suggestions of other brands that have a similar fit, I’d still be interested- I’m certainly open to ideas!

I can’t offer a comparison to Voltaire, but I am 6’2" and ride in a Kentaur double forward (+4 flap). Fits my TBs really well.