Safety Tie

Anyone tried the plastic looking safety ties? I usually use a blocker tie but they get sorta pricey and looking for something to keep in my trailer.

Bailing twine is cheap!


I tried them, but they tend to open at random times that are usually not convenient. I would say do not waste your money.


I just use a loop of hay string.

A $2.00 lynch pin from Tractor Supply.

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Damn, this is genius! Thank you!

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The ones that look like a plastic carabiner? I have tried them, and my horse moved her head to grab a mouthful of hay and it came right undone. I think I’ll stick to twine from now on.

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A vet once showed me how to make a homemade Blocker tie with a double ended snap and a metal ring from tractor supply.
I had to do a little looking around to find a snap and ring combo that fit together correctly but when I did it was about 8$ for one tie ring.
I have two actual blocker rings and 4 homemade ones all over.image

( Not my picture, I did a google search)


@BigG_sMom can you post photos of your home made tie rings?

I think I posted a pic. I have also seen ones on Pinterest made of old bits.

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@BigG_sMom I see it now. thank you!

Cool! Thanks for sharing

We have these all over the barn I board at and love them! They don’t randomly come undone, we’ve had horses blow out of them several times each and they are still strong. They don’t break, and they’re easy to use. 100% will be keeping them in the crossties. I also use Blocker Tie rings but they’re so expensive, so I only have 1. I don’t want others putting short, cotton or nylon leads in it either as they don’t give like they’re supposed to. I only use yacht rope in my Blocker Tie

We have had those plastic ties in three different trailers, for years, and they’ve worked great.

Originally bought them at a booth at the World Cup in Las Vegas (think it was the Kensington booth). Vendor showed me how to double (triple, whatever one needs) with them, to increase the strength it would take to open the loop. We double ours.

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Our barn uses zip ties instead of baling twine. Not sure I think they’re better per se (once broken, no ability to fix, and my horse likes to zip them all the way down around the rope which is a PITA. Also reusing twine appeals to my environmentally friendly side)

Anyway, zip ties don’t pop open like the Equi Ping I have, so possibly better in that way?

I am interesting in a DIY Blocker Tie Ring - what size snap and ring have people used? 4" ring and a 4.5" snap? or smaller?

I use the Equi-Ping ring. Love it. I have never had it open up randomly, and i like that I can change how much pressure is needed to open it by not connecting it though all of the ‘arrowheads’

Yes. Doubled has worked perfectly for us as well. We have not had one pop accidentally but when needed they popped off when they should. The last time they popped one ring broke and had to be replaced but I keep a few extras on hand for this purpose. It was my personal barn I’d just use baling twine, but at our business I think the rings look more professional.

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