Safety Vest Fit Question

Hi All!

I just got my first safety vest, the Charles Owen JL9. I am a hunter rider and am planning to use this while jumping.

I got a size small, as I measured just in between the small and medium. It feels a bit … constrictive when I breathe. Like maybe I could use the medium? How are safety vests supposed to fit and feel?

Thanks in advance!

They should fit snugly, but should not be restricting your breathing. Most have some kind of adjustability along the side, so you could try adjusting it a little loser. Some people also just feel restricted for the first little while when they first start wearing a vest when they aren’t used to one. See if there is any adjustment and ride in it a few more times, then see if you still feel your breathing is restricted.

Where do you have the Velcro on the sides? All the way tight? Can you just loosen the sides a little?

Is the vest the proper length? If it’s overall just a little small then maybe it’s worth trying the med instead.

Hi All!

I did try putting the Velcro on the “loosest” part, and then bringing the straps in front, but it still felt too tight.

I’m going to see how the medium works out. Thank you!

I appreciate that not everyone has a tack shop at the end of their road (lucky me!) but really the best way to fit a body protector is to have a trained person there to help you. They do feel odd and confining when one first wears them but in the saddle they sort of ‘disappear’ as one focuses on the riding - unless they are too long and interfere with the saddle.

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