Safety vests / Air Vests

This is pretty much a H/J question but since eventers have been wearing safety vests for ages I’m posting here. I was just on FB and noticed Plaid Horse is asking for pics of riders wearing safety vests. It seems vests are now becoming more popular in the H/J world so I’m seeing riders wearing Air2 type vests alone - not the hybrid type. I seem to recall reading that USEA required safety vests be worn underneath the airvests or opt for the hybrid type. Is this still true? Should the H/J world get some education on which vests and/or which combination of vests offer the most safety? I recall “RAyers”? posting lots of valuable information -well many of you here. So I’d be interested in your thoughts or opinions.

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I’m hoping they’ll post. there used to be gobs of info on here.

I am seeing a few fox hunters wearing air vests over their hunt coats these days. This creates an occasional laugh when they forget to unclip before getting off to open a gate! POOF - Michelin man.

I know Reed contributed to this article because I connected him to the writer when she’d asked me who to talk to.


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I love mine. I tend to land on my back and the neck area inflates enough that my head barely brushes the ground. A few of us wore it fox hunting, I normally only wear it on cross country unless I am jumping my fractious Holsteiner.

This article linked to another Plaid Horse article which referenced this product:

I have never heard of this product, but it was invisible under the show clothes of the featured rider wearing it so perhaps it is out there and in use and I’ve never noticed. Does anyone have any first-hand experience with it? I looked around for some studies that could be a little more conclusive about whether it was helpful but couldn’t find anything. Very curious for any input.

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Bumping this not-very-old comment - anyone have any details, studies, or anecdotes about the Aexos Halo product?