Sales ads & social media presence

I’d love to see some examples of good sales ads that you have either seen or written!

I am just getting started with my breeding adventures. Last year was my first year having foals, both of which were colts (of course!), both of which I sold to friends at a massive loss. Now, I know almost all foal sales are losses, but this was excessive lol. I was okay with it because I knew they would be going to great homes.

Both of these friends approached me about the colts, so I didn’t need to do any advertising. But this year, I have 4 coming, and I know I need to sell at least 1, possibly 2 or 3. Or maybe even all 4 if I get all colts again! :crazy_face:

I know that a lot of sales happen through word of mouth, and knowing someone who knows someone, but unfortunately my network does not go very deep. (It used to, but had a bad trainer “break up” - I am sure you all know how that goes.) A lot of people I’ve spoken with about this in the past have stressed the importance of having a strong social media presence… I used to post frequently, but I never got any traction. My SO still posts regularly on our Instagram, but we don’t have nearly as many followers or people interacting with our content as I had expected or hoped. The photos we post are borderline professional quality (said SO used to be something of a social media influencer, so knows how all of that works).

So all this is to say - how do you get those babies out the door? How do you get folks to pay attention to what you have to offer? Any tips/tricks to offer on advertising, sales, etc?

If you feel comfortable including breed, discipline, and especially the price range you’re selling in, that would be fantastic.

I would suggest posting videos on Youtube that you can link to which can help avoid the FB ban on animal sales a avoid trying to load video everywhere

There are 2 aspects to SM. One is marketing a specific horse. Find the FB groups for your breed and discipline and link there. Find any forums in your breed or discipline that accept ads. Look up the sales sites like Warmblood for Sale if that fits.

The other aspect of SM is maintaining an image for ongoing PR. I do think we expect any horse business to have a FB page and perhaps a webpage but just a FB page is OK. Something to ensure folks you exist. If you have photos and video of current competition you can post that. Or breeding, cute video and photos of happy mares and foals links to stallions etc.

I don’t think you need to post alot on Instagram etc, or really try to become a video channel in order to sell nice foals. Who becomes viral is very random. Often its young people doing stunts or ammies with a funny story to tell.