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Sales Barns NJ/ PA/MD/VA

Hi I am looking to buy an new hunter horse to eventually do the A/O’s on and I am traveling to NJ, PA ,MD, VA next weekend in hopes to find one. I am from New York, so if anyone knows of any top quality sales barns in those areas I would appreciate it!

There are almost limitless options. A general sense of your budget and if you are looking for green vs. made will help with specific recommendations. Emil Spadone always has a lot of nice sale horses.

yes, budget plays a big part of where people will point you, as well green vs already been in the ring awhile. Not specific per say, but a range. Lots of sale barns with lots of ranges.

Looking in the 50-70k range

Walk the line LLC in Harrisburg, Pa

I bought my horse from Chris and Chrissie at Walk the Line. I had never dealt with them before that or for that matter even heard of them. I love my horse. He is 6 now, was 4 when I bought him and has been super successful already at the biggest of shows. They were super honest and everything they told me about my horse was 100% accurate. I highly recommend calling them.

Cindy Bohn at Heron Hills. Close to Chris and Chrissie who are another good recommendation.

Emil Spadone is awesome and always has something/knows how to find exactly what you’re looking for (and for full disclosure, also my trainer)
Cindy Bohn is great, though I’ve never bought a horse from her

Third vote for walk the line


Emil Spadone from Redfields!

Chad Keenum

Another vote for Emil.


a friend recently purchased from Walk the Line - lovely lovely horse

Jocelyn Martin at Cameron Hill LLC (keswick, va) has a phenomenal group of horses. Also Chris Wynne in VA Beach, VA with Breckenridge Manor.

You could try Eammon Hughes, Drumnacross farm in Goshen, NY… Nice horses and all types… young to trained good luck in your search

Walk the Line LLC and Emil. I’ve purchased horses from both.

Another recommendation for Cindy Bohn at Heron Hills. I bought a fabulous horse from her this year. Good luck with your search