Samshield Miss Helmet vs Charles Owen Halo with wide brim

Being Helmet Awareness week I’m thinking of replacing my 4 year old helmet. Has anybody tried either of these helmets? Thoughts? I have more of an oval head and have found most CO helmets fit rounder heads better. How does the Charles Owen Halo fit? The helmet Im replacing is a Samshieled and I have had no complaints.

Personally, I would go with the Charles Owen Halo because of the safety features. I’ve heard that Samshield doesn’t have great safety ratings to begin with and the Halo comes with MIPS built in.


Samshield’s statement that they will never include MIPS in their helmets (not “not at this time”, or “we’re looking into it”, just… never) says a lot to me about how much they care about safety. I wouldn’t buy one.


Interesting didn’t know they said that.

When the MIPS first launched, I remember there was a lot of discussion about pros / cons and at the time I had made the decision not to use MIPS. But I can’t remember off hand why I made the decision.

I will have to go back and search the threads on here.

Samshield was one of the worst scoring in the study posted in the Helmet Awareness thread in this forum (Post 14).


Samshields are fashion hats with a bit of padding. A CO is a proper helmet. I have the Halo with MIPS, wide brim, and I feel very fashionable AND my brain has the protection it needs.


I have a Halo and it’s wonderful. They do have a bit of a different sizing, so don’t assume it’s your normal one. I tried to buy one for a long time and they had issues with supply. I finally got one in June and I love it.

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I your are interested in helmet safety, I would look at riding helmets that are “Snell Certified.” Here is a link to Snell Foundation

The only equestrian helmet that I know is Snell Certified is the Charles Owen 4-Star


I look for Snell certification, but the 4-Star does not have MIPS. I wish there was an option that had both Snell certification and MIPS.

I think Champion has a SNELL too?

I have the CO Halo and its very comfortable.

In the future there will be.

Right now the outgoing standard for SNELL conflicts with some element of how MIPS works. (So I was told by more than 1 helmet rep)

There are now MIPS equipped SNELL certified Motorcycle helmets.


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If you could see the emails I have from them… :flushed: :flushed: :flushed: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

They care about 1 thing, and for sure it’s not safety.


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