Why are samshield helmets so popular? They’re excessively expensive and they don’t even have MIPS? I don’t get it. Is there something I’m missing?


Fashion and following the crowd. That’s it.

I’ll take function over brand name any time. Especially when Tipperary helmets are a third of the price, look just as good, if not better, and do a far better job of protecting against brain injury thanks to MIPS.


Marketing. Primarily sponsoring lots of top US riders.

In the new helmet research that’s been coming out, Samshield and GPA are performing the worst. So evidently you pay for a sleek low profile and need to knowingly sacrifice the safety that goes with a less “sexy” appearance. To each their own, but I personally prioritize my brain safety above all else. I guess easy for me to say, I’ve never been cool and a cool helmet certainly won’t change that


For me? They are some of the only helmets that don’t give me a headache. On my head the Tipperary Windsor was so painful that after 5 minutes I’d nearly puke. Different strokes for different folks.

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My Samshield is the only helmet I’ve ever had that did not hurt my neck. I’m hoping they will come out w the new technology after all.

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I had a couple of Samshields for years. Absolutely loved them. Loved that they didn’t touch your forehead after years of having GPAs that left a dent with more than 5 minutes wear. Bought a new one when my old one got older because all of the helmets were more or less the same, and always felt like “you get what you pay for.” Happily showed in my Samshield and GPAs and rode at home in my Ovation schoolers.

I ended up moving to a Tipperary Windsor w/MIPS a couple of years ago because I got to researching safety on behalf of my young daughter. I’m not sure I would have spent the time doing that if I hadn’t had someone that I cared about more than myself (not meant in a self-deprecating way - just that I would have kept doing the same if something hadn’t prompted me to care more than I had prior).

So trying to speak to the fact that I would likely be someone who still showed in my Samshield and GPA helmets without an external influence to make me take a look at Tipperary (et al). And I’m guessing there are a lot of people who don’t think about it much more than “I’m paying for the best.”

I get chronic migraines and felt that same way about my Samshield for years - only helmet that didn’t give me a headache. To the point I resisted a switch to MIPs because the balance between a “maybe I fall and it helps” vs “definite migraine every ride” wasn’t worth it.

I finally reached out to Samshield last year about whether they planned to incorporate MIPs at any point, and was so turned off by their dismissive/rude response that I started exploring other brands. I bought a OneK CC with MIPs early this year that is just as comfortable. It took a lot of searching and special ordering my size, but was worth it.


I’m glad the OneK worked for you, I have’t tried that one yet! That is disappointing that Samshield did not seem interested in MIPSing their helmets. I had a terrible concussion last year and have since been on the lookout for an improved helmet and other safety equipment (vests, stirrups). I appreciate your experience.


I went and tried on several helmets at my local tack shop (bless them) and left undecided. I wanted something “new” solely for the look (yes, I can be immature sometimes). I ended up getting another samshield because it’s the only helmet that fit me perfectly.

I’ve fallen twice in my current one (I know…already ordered a new one!) and I hit the side of my head the first fall (broke my arm) and landed on my back the second fall. My neck hurt for 1 day after second fall, but that was it.

I also saw a compelling photo of a CO where a horse stepped on the rider and the helmet saved her. If they fit me better, I would’ve gotten a CO.


I, at first, couldn’t find a MIPS helmet that fit me well. Both TraumaVoid models didn’t work well for me no matter how much I “turned the dial at the back” & I have a CO head, which means so many other brands just don’t fit my “deep” head.

I used to lease a stopper (turns out he was injured and we didn’t know until after excessive vetting on my part that it was an persistent injury that my old trainers didn’t catch) that slammed hard on the brakes at a warm-up oxer at a show after lifting his front feet off the group - hind leg check ligament injury there you go - and then half leap over me /the standards and clipped me in the face as I was trying to get up and out of the way with one hoof (orbital bone, strong) leaving me with a massive black eye, and then smash into/ scrape my head with another hoof with enough force to knock me back down hard into the standards/ground & warrant a small concussion.

I was so happy I was in my TraumaVoid with MIPS - show EMT said it was a smart investment & prevented much worse than the minor concussion (he was a skier who competed in MIPS tech).

I eventually found CO’s MIPS fit me amazingly (CO was my go to prior to TraumaVoid), but I did have to special order my size and try on a LOT of helmets.


I was working in a tack shop when Samshield was first building momentum in the States and the early marketing pitch was that the founder/designer was was a pro motocross racer who started riding, found riding helmets inferior to motorcycle helmets, and decided to design his own. There was an implication that because the founder came to riding from another extreme sport that there was different/new/more safety and technology in the helmets. That helped, plus they’re good-looking and flatter a lot of people, plus they did a good job marketing them and getting them on top riders, which is really what sells product to riders.


I loved my Samshield and it fit perfectly, but replaced it with a OneK MIPS and will never go back.

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nope…they fit me better than the other brands. I would like nothing better than to spend less money on a helmet but I wear one every day for 3-4 rides. It has to fit well.


I’ll second this. It’s the only helmet I’ve found that doesn’t give me terrible headaches. I was always taught that the best helmet was the one that fits you. MIPS technology won’t do much good if the helmet doesn’t fit

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I had a One K before I found the Samshield. I may try it again, but I so appreciate not being in pain from my helmet.

I just replaced my Samshield. At the tack store, with limited availability in my size, ended up purchasing another Samshield. It just felt better than anything else. On the way home, I kept obsessing about the $600 price tag and lack of MIPS and ended up returning it a week later. Just purchased a Trauma Void. It fits well, not as great as the Samshield, but comfortable enough. Having the MIPS technology at more than half the price of Samshield just seemed like a no brainer.


I used to show/ride in an el-cheapo Tipperary. I’ve never been concerned about fashion trends, and I liked how tapered it looked and how well ventilated it was.

Then my mare tripped and fell on me, trebuchet-ing me straight onto my head. For the first time, ever, I did not immediately get up. She had glanced off my helmet, so it was a goner.

I invested in a OneK with MIPS. I don’t love how it looks, I don’t love how un-ventilated it is… but the peace of mind that I’m doing what I can to protect myself is worth it.

Samshield is nothing but marketing. I personally don’t even think they look stylish or sleek on most people’s heads, but you see them so often you just get used to it. That said, MIPS all the way, fashion and ventilation be damned.


I owned a Samshield years ago, but I was never very pleased with the fit. I ended up selling it because it consistently gave me a headache. I own two Trauma Void EQ3 helmets which I like and recently bought a Charles Owen Halo which I love. I’ve had 2 concussions as an adult and feel better knowing I’m doing the most I can to protect my head.

Lots of riders at my barn have Samshield helmets and several more have One K helmets. I love the look of the Samshield Miss Shield but I’m not willing to 1) pay the price to buy one 2) sacrifice MIPS technology or 3) make it work just for a certain look. My brain is too valuable for that.


How does the weight of the Trauma Void compare to the Samshield?