Sand studs?

My jumper was in an arena yesterday that had less than ideal footing and he slipped on a turn on an area of exposed base. A trainer suggested sand studs. A quick google search did not produce any results. My other horse is an eventer so I am familiar with studs. Anyone have any examples?

If you are slipping on the base you probably would want road studs. But I don’t think punching into the base is the right solution!


If the ring you’re riding in has exposed base, reconsider where you’re riding. Now, that’s not to say that accidents don’t happen that create instances like this (for instance, back in December, a horse I was riding slipped and fell and, in his fall, got down to the base) but I wouldn’t be putting studs on to counter poor footing if I could avoid it.


I’ve got to agree with previous posters, avoid jumping in arenas with footing like this. But to your question, there are options in shoeing other than just studs… rim shoes, mud nails, which may be functional in situations other than slippery grass turf (where you would normally use your regular studs). I’ve never needed studs on good sand or arena footing, and have not heard of special studs for this sort of footing. But perhaps something has been invented to sell to people that I haven’t heard of?

This article which is not strictly about dressage mentions Short Dome Top Studs for sandy footing.

Studs aside, I would not choose to ride in arenas with slick base footing or sketchy footing. Too dangerous. Been there; done that.

Fellow eventer, just creepin’ around h/j forums. I’ve also never heard of a sand stud, but 4* shows an arena stud? I wouldn’t think something like a road stud would do much, but would worry a grass stud might damage the base of an area. Maybe the arena stud or dressage stud is what the trainer is calling a sand stud?

Thank you! I bet that’s it. I’ll send this to my trainer.

Thanks for this link. These are really nice. Ordered the arena studs and the travel ones. Love that they self clean.

Let me know how you like them! I book marked them, but haven’t needed to buy studs recently. I’m sitting here, getting ready for the first HT of the year, dreading getting my stud kit ready since we’ve had a damp winter and know there will be rust to deal with -_-

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So I used the arena studs on my guy today and a noticeable difference. Forward in a big stride, he knew he had studs on and felt comfortable powering thru turns. He hates to slip. He will just stop but he felt great today.

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