Sandro Hit Euthanized


One of the great ones of our time, hard to believe this news isn’t getting much traffic on COTH. What happened to the people who would find this information BIG NEWS, and I’ll go spend time on there.


I agree that it’s surprising how little traction this got. I suspect it’s because he’s, well, old, and thus its not really a huge surprise. Though I am curious what kind of infection/complications he had.

Regardless, an end of an era. He was a huge influence on the dressage community, for sure. Luckily he has many wonderful progeny to remember him by.

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Many of COTH’s breeders have moved on - some to FB platforms like “Dressage Breeder’s Group”. Others have passed away or retired from breeding. There is not much of a big contingent of breeders on COTH anymore. :frowning:

This subject was/is being very well discussed on Dressage Breeder’s Group. Here is the URL:

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Thank you beowulf, i joined several adult amateur dressage groups on facebook. hopefully their dressage topics don’t get hi-jacked by criminal court proceeding in a Conneticut courtroom. Off- topic on the dressage forum here.

And Flexible passed away too. Both very sad but they had long well cared for lives.