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Santa Cruz Website Issues?

Anyone else having issues with Santa Cruz Website? I keep going on to reorder the pelleted vitamin E and I get the website in what looks like Chinese characters?

I just ordered from them and did not have this issue

No, their website works fine for me. Do you have something wonky in your browser settings where it’s trying to translate the page?

I have had that happen. Don’t remember what I did to fix it. But at least you know you’re not alone.

I have had weird language issues with their site in the past (Swedish in my case, not Chinese).

@bugsynskeeter works for them and can probably help you.

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We share a website with the Biotech side of the company. We have reported this to our web developers. What browser are you using?

If you select the drop down menu (the three lines on the top) you will get this drop down. Select the globe and it will allow you to change to English.

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Huh. Well doesn’t that beat all. @bugsynskeeter1 that fixed it. I was opening the website on Google Chrome, on an Android phone, if that helps any.

Thank you! It helps our web developers pinpoint the problem. It does seem to affect Chrome more than the other browsers.

We haven’t been hacked. We aren’t Chinese controlled. Our products are still made in the USA. Just in case there are any concerns :slight_smile: