SantaCruz Equine Appetite Support

Has anyone bought this for a horse that doesn’t always finish their grain? Did it help?

I would look at both ulcers and a new grain, or total grain volume, before I’d add on a new supplement that isn’t addressing the likely core issues.

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Thanks all that is well in hand, I’m just trying to find out if anyone has fed it and had any luck with it.

Ok looked up the ingredients. It’s basically YeaSacc yeast which is an actual researched hind gut probiotic and a few other unnamed probiotics.

Probiotics work in the hind gut/colon to balance the gut microbes to improve digestion. I’ve used them on horses (and myself, different ones) to help with persistent diarrhea. If the cause of lack of appetite is in hind gut distress then YeaSacc and other probiotics could be useful, if the root problem is microbe balance.

However I must say that when I take a course of probiotics for mild human hind gut issues it’s not a huge appetite booster.

And if the lack of appetite is because of stomach issues, small intestine, hoof neck or tooth pain, or dislikes the grain, probiotics won’t touch that.

My reaction would just be to cut out the grain and give free choice quality grass hay for a month then add in a high concentrate low volume ration balancer. Or a VMS in a small beet pulp mash.

Most bagged grains have insanely high feeding instructions. 5 lbs, even more.

thanks… Just FYI, I feed large amounts of grass hay and 2 cups (yes cups) of ration balancer daily. All is being dealt with. Just was curious about peoples actual experience with this product.