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Saratoga Race 1

Nasty Wreck with Wesley Ward horse in race 1 at Saratoga today. Jose Ortiz walked into the Ambulance under his own power but is heading to the hospital.

The filly clipped heels after being squeezed at the wire, tucked her head right at the right moment and went over; but it was ugly. She got up and went off on her own but was transported back to the barn once she was caught.

Praying for all connections that everyone is just bruised and nothing more


I’m sure you’ve seen an update but both are ok. I was there this weekend and talked with a connection of the trainer and the filly was unhurt, eating and acting normally the next day in her stall.

They did substitute jockey’s for JO on Saturday due to bruised ribs. Not sure if he rode Sunday or not.


I did see but did you see what happened to Abel Cedillo? Neck pain and he is still not moving on the track and they picked up by his legs and arms and moved him to the winners circle> the horses should’ve been pulled up on the backstretch!

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I just read that this morning and cannot believe the medics did not attend to him straightaway and the gate crew carried him off the track. My thoughts are with him and hope that he will be ok and recover quickly. So scary.