Savage Forego!

Whoops. Posted wrong race here. (Letruska won her race.)

Edited OP to include good view of the race.

All I can say is wow, I’m glad that Yaupon had his tongue hanging out of the left side of his mouth. :flushed: See his tongue here; :grimacing: If Firenze Fire would have gotten hold of Yaupon’s tongue it would have been truly horrible.


Looking at the slow motion on the twitter feed, it appears that FF actually pulled Yaupon from his right lead to his left when FF grabbed his bridle.

Interesting. Not surprising if it did happen. Yaupon was a champ to run like he did despite being savaged. I see him on the right lead when he crossed the finish line. Did he switch back after being forced onto his left? Link?

Here’s the only “twitter” I can find that shows forelegs;

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