SC Joint Surgery/ Resection Arthroplasty

Has anyone undergone a bone resection/arthroplasty before? I had a fall a year ago and messed up shoulder at the SC joint, where the clavicle meets the sternum. I’m having surgery to essentially shorten my clavicle so the two bones don’t grate on one another and cause early arthritis and pain. Has anyone experienced this type of surgery before? What was the recovery timeline like? There’s no soft tissue or ligament involvement (not reconstructing the ligaments). I asked what a realistic timeline is and my ortho just said I’ll have to take it easy for a couple months. So like only ride one horse a day? I’m young and otherwise super healthy with great mobility and strength. I had knee surgery and was back to full work/sports about 2 months ahead of schedule doing all my own rehab. I feel a bit like an anomaly discussing this with my ortho because I don’t think I’m the “normal” patient. TIA!

I had a Grade 5 AC Joint dislocation repair last month done last month. From my research, shoulders rehabilitation programs are all different. Did you get your surgery yet? Don’t have any great insight except be ready to sleep in a recliner or on a wedge.

I had a similar thing done to my left foot last summer. I had a chunk of bone taken out between 2 bones that weren’t supposed to be stuck together.

It wasn’t bad. The biggest PITA was being non-weight bearing for a week, not an issue for shoulders, probably some time immobilized. The rehab was straightforward and pretty quick since there was no soft tissue to heal. Took about 8 weeks to “heal” before I could start rehab. I drove horses a few times while I was in the boot; I knew there was little damage I could do.

My foot was pretty sensitive to weather for a while. Last month or so, it hasn’t been an issue.

I did-- back in early November. It was easier in some ways than expected as I wasn’t limited in using my arm and moving it didn’t hurt. However, I had a lot of muscle issues from nearly a year of using my arm improperly after the fall. Now, my ortho thinks I did the same thing on the AC side. I knew when I fell it messed up my shoulder…

I am just getting ready to go back to ortho for second checkup and the YEAH I get to start Physical Therapy. I hope to get info on when I can start riding again…