Schleese saddle fitting

I apologize for another saddle thread, but I’m having the worst luck finding a saddle that fits me and my thoroughbred. I’ve been looking into Schleese dressage saddles, but I can’t find how their trees run. I’d like to have an idea of what size I would need before I take one out on trial, just to save myself the hassle. I’m looking at the Link II, partially because the knee blocks are removable (also wondering if the adjustable stirrup bar was available on that model), and also because it appears to be a monoflap. If there are any other suggestions for a monoflap dressage saddle that would fit a long femur, and a thoroughbred, I am open to suggestions. My current dressage saddle is a Passier and my knees pop over the blocks, but I love the seat. I’ve sat in Custom Saddlery saddles and the twist is way too wide for me and I also feel like it throws me forward, so that would be the only saddle brand I’m not open to.

Thanks for the responses.

I suspect if you send tracings, you will get a saddle that is more likely to fit. My trees are medium, I think, and I think they are true to size. It can come with extended bars. I had my Obrigados made with extended bars, a more forward flap, and tiny blocks, because I have a long femur. It is SO nice to have my thigh and knee behind the block, instead of on top of it (or having my butt pushed backward).

The tree width is completely adjustable by a Schleese saddle fit person at your location.

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The link2 is designed for a short back horse, try the Link1, or maybe it’s called just Link.

Schleeses in my experience fit Iberian or rounder type horses well. I hate them, but they fit these horses so I’ve ridden in them enough to say they fit the horses.

for a tb type I like Albion, I like County.

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Most of the Schleese’s built in the last 5 years all have removable thigh blocks. On their double flap saddles the blocks are Velcro. On the monoflap saddles the blocks are screwed in.

Any Scheelse could have adjustable stirrup bars but none of them come with them standard. It is a custom option. You could also have an extended stirrup bar if you ordered it that way.

For you and the horse I would stay away from the Wave. It tends to push the rider’s seat forward.

The Obrigado comes in either a double or mono flap. I doubt you need to be that far forward on your thoroughbred and I’ve not liked it particularly on the non Iberian horses I’ve ridden.

An Infinity II with an 18" seat and a short panel would work for someone with your conformation. But is a double flap.

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The Frank Baines Omni is available as both mono and dual flap. I believe my 18" Omni monoflap also has velcro blocks, so could easily be replaced with shorter blocks if you prefer. (I’d check now, but it’s still in the van from Equine Affaire!)

Harry Dabbs Avant series was specifically designed for the TB and all of their saddles are available as monoflaps.

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I have a long femur, a thoroughbred, and a monoflap Schleese Heike Kemmer that works beautifully for both horse and rider :slight_smile:

The tree is completely adjustable, as are the kind of thigh locks - they screw in, and are about $200 a pair for different styles. I bought mine used with full-length blocks, and I do plan to switch out to a shorter block eventually - personal preference and more room for the stork legs - but even with the longer block I find it comfortable and supportive.

As for your question about the trees, I would say they run on the wider end of things - and they have very wide gullets. My horse is not a particularly wide beast - she is in what would be a “medium” tree - but seems to find the wide gullet very comfortable, as she is offering a lot more softness through her body since we switched to this saddle.

HKs also have the “shoulder relief” panel as their standard panel option. I really like this for my big-shouldered TB. I’ve sat quite a few saddles on her that I had to move almost too far back in order to give her shoulder enough room to move freely.

Schleeses seem to be somewhat divisive - love 'em or hate 'em. I’ve ridden in 4 models so far and have loved all but one - the JES. I really liked the JES Elite, though, so who knows. The HK is my favourite by far, but I also liked the Wave.