Schooling breeches with black full seats?

I’m trying to find some full seat (suede, not silicone) breeches with a black seat for schooling. I don’t mind what colour the actual breech is (blue, grey, etc), I just want them to have a black seat!

I have hyperhidrosis and sweat through the seat on my breeches (unfortunately gross, but nothing seems to make it better). So, I’m trying to find breeches with black full seats so that it hides the sweat mark. I already have solid black breeches, but I’d like to get some with some colour to change things up.

Breeches with a black full seat seem to be quite hard to find, so I thought I’d come here to see if anyone knows of any!

Buckwild has a couple of different options with black seats. I believe Kerrits does too.

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The Kerrits Grip-Tek full seat has a fake suede (but not silicone) seat that is black regardless of the breech color.

Kerrits Grip-Tek

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The Smartpak Hadleys in grey have a very dark grey seat that hides “sweat angels” (dysautonomia heavy sweater here)

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I’m not sure I’d describe the GripTek material as “fake suede” - it’s not silicone, but it’s definitely got a rubbery feel. Kind of stretchy, and perforated though and I find it’s more comfortable in the heat than the Crossover material (also black, also synthetic, but less “rubbery” and not perforated - closer to a high quality pleather feel imo).

If you’re looking for something with suede-level grip though, the Crossover is probably closer, although still stickier than my suede full-seat pants (dark green SmartPak Pipers - they’re just meh fwiw). I actually had to rub some dirt on my GripTeks the first few times I rode in them because they felt way too sticky.

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I don’t wear silicone fullseats so all of the suggestions below are suede/faux suede.

Pikeur Lugana and Lugana Contrast
Pikeur Lucinda
Romfh Sarafina
Romfh Champion
Smartpak Hadley
Irideon, I think it was the Cadence model that I had

And that’s all I can think of at the moment.

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I swear by Tropical Riders.


Romfh Champions come in a grey with suede black seat. I LOVE them and they hide sweat pretty well!

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