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Sealtex replacement

Has anyone found an adequate replacement for Sealtex for wrapping bits? It does not seem that it will be available any time soon. Amazon suggests I try a half-as-wide silicone wrap for healing scars, and I guess for $10 it may be worth it… just wondering if anyone has found a suitable replacement.

I have an unopened package I bought a couple years ago for a horse I no longer have. PM me if you want it.

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You can still get it from the EU tack stores. Just no longer made in the US

The Sealtex ordered from overseas (EU, Britain, Australia etc) is all manufactured by the same Maryland company- the boxes are identical. Unfortunately it looks like that company has gone out of business. For whatever reason the overseas tack stores still seem to have some stock. Once they sell out I don’t think Sealtex will be available at all.
I’ve spent hours trying to track down rolls and research a solution, including contacting natural latex suppliers in other industries to see if a similar product is used in other applications. So far I’ve not found a good replacement.

I managed to stockpile about 8 rolls I am guarding with my life, but when I went searching for an alternative, the best idea I came up with was a latex dental sheet that dentists use. I also found some gel bandage rolls that had potential.


Just as a caution, I’ve used the sealtex for over 20 years and had a roll that was about 2 or so years old (though who knows how old it was when I bought it at the tack store), and it looses its “stickiness” and won’t wrap the bit or hold anymore. So it does have a shelf life.

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following as I too have been looking to no avail.

Latex crepe (used mostly in shoes it seems) is the right texture, but I’ve not found a supplier that makes it thin enough.
The problem with most very thin latex sheets is that it doesn’t have the right texture to be self adhesive like Sealtex. Perhaps the collective COTH hive can source something.

Fager bits has a tape they call “mouth corner” tape. Narrower than Sealtex but might still work!

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