Searching for a clinician for my club

So I have been charged with finding some possible clinicians for our GMO … we hope to have a series of riding clinics this year.
Willing to work with all levels and good at it.
NOT from the North Central Florida area
Possibly willing to work with Western Dressage riders (I know some refuse).
Realistically priced

THanks for any ideas. I know you will have some good ones!

Recommend Jeff Ashton Moore of Osierlea Dressage, San Juan Bautista, CA.
He travels for clinics & has absolutely no breed snobbery.
My first clinic with him I rode my TWH who Did.Not.Trot.
Another clinic I audited he had a student with a QH mare in Western tack.
Tons of Cred as he co-authored USDF Judges handbook.
Dry sense of humor & the Master of Biomechanics.


The Kuhn’s (they are my trainers) are both wonderful and both travel for clinics regularly. They have everything from quarter horses to Arabians and warmbloods in training. They work with students of all abilities.

Lauren Sprieser is located in VA and seems to be a super fun person to clinic with-

J.J. Tate is in South Carolina and is also wonderful!.

Jeffery is lovely! He loves to work with all types of people and horse breeds so I am sure that Western Dressage riders wouldn’t be an issue.

Amy Skinner – classical dressage and horsemanship, works with all disciplines

Wolfgang Scherzer, a German trained Bereiter (sp) now in Vincent, AL travels to FL and other states for clinics. Lots of fun, positive and very effective. Gigi Nutter, Whitesburg, GA - super clinician I’ve worked with alot and a huge help. Very positive and kind.

I recommend Barb Soukup. She’s a patient, accomplished teacher and trainer. She teaches all levels of riders and horses, is an L grad (with distinction), and a licensed Western dressage judge.

I’d love if you could get JJ Tate in

yeah. Lots of good ideas here.
We had Gigi long ago and shw was really popular. I rode with Laura G a few years ago (before she was really famous…) and she was very supportive as I tried ot move from 2 to 3rd.

Sending all these names to the PTB…

Dolly Hannon and Dennie Riehl Rodriguez are S Judges and WD judges. Both are affordable and easy to work with, but get busy with shows.
If you want a USDF certified instructor who is very affordable ($75 a lesson) contact Claudia Coley. She has been working with WD and also WD riders who have gaited horses along with traditional dressage.

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What about Jeremy Steinberg? He moved to the east coast a few years ago so travel expenses wouldn’t be excessive.

Jim Koford is good and based in the Carolinas. Not sure how he feels about western dressage but I suspect he’d be game. He’s excellent with upper level as well as training level riders at our barn, off-breeds or warmbloods. You could probably put a mule in front of him and he’d still give 150%. Very down-to-earth.

Consider Eliza Sydnor Romm in NC. She works with straight dressage horses but also is open to alternatively trained dressage horses. She is very well trained herself but is very kind to the horse in front of her. Her resume and show records speak for themselves.

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