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Searching for dressage trainer in New Hampshire near Wolfeboro

I will be relocating this spring to Wolfeboro, NH and am looking for a dressage barn with boarding & a dressage trainer. I have done my searching on USDF and the forums…so wanted to see if I had missed anything? Looking to show PSG, and possibly head south in the winter. Looking for someone with other AA’s in their program & who is great with young horses.

Pam Goodrich? she is a bit far, but the best!

Just looked - she is an hour from you. That area is unfamiliar territory for me - maybe in Rochester? There a couple of big vet clinics there, so must be some dressage barns.

I was also going to recommend Pam - but Wolfeboro is a hike from most places. Of course in New England we whine about anything over an hour as being a long drive, and 3 hours? Pass the smelling salts… So not sure what you consider ‘close’.

There may be some barns closer to the coast/Rochester, Portsmouth/Durham but Pam is the closest upper level trainer.

Pat Spettel is in the southern part of the state and travels some and works out of Chichester (near Concord).

I can’t help with specifics, but Myrhe Equine Clinic in Rochester is a well-regarded vet facility and someone there may be able to give you ideas.

Thanks for the recommendation for Pam…an hour is doable. Anyone else have any trainers to suggest?

Here’s the NEDA list of flextime instructors. Several are in NH, and may be worth taking a look. http://www.neda.org/?page=FLEXTIME

I’ve ridden with Pam, and she’s worth the drive! She does head South for the winter, so her schedule may work for you if you’re planning to do the same.