Seasonal itchy allergies.... anything new out there?

Spring has sprung and Coco is once again getting itchy and hive-y. We tried benadryl and Zyrtec last year - no real help. She is a mini and runs to fat, so would like to stay away from steroids etc… is there anything new out there to try?

Have you allergy tested to see what the mini is allergic too? game changer for my pony?

Otherwise nothing new I have heard of for allergies.

I have an sneezy itchy mini Donk. Zyrtec does help the sneezing. So far hydroxyzine is holding off the itchy that usually follows sneezy. It’s an apple flavored powder that seems tasty. To a mini Donk. It’s not a new drug but I couldn’t get it last year when I needed it as it was back ordered to the vet so new to our situation.

I had great luck with Tris-his, but my mare stopped sweating on it. I switched to Zyrtec last year and it’s been great. Maybe if you live somewhere cooler something like Tris-his would work?

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well, I’m not moving. I doubt she would find a home up north as she is nothing but a pasture pet and companion (sound but ignorant).

I have heard they can stop sweating on Hydroxyzine too.

I have an gelding who suffers sweet itch and takes hydroxyzine which helps but I have to slather him with vasoline. My coach recommended a neem based fly spray,that has helped other itchy horses. You can find the products at I’ve ordered the fly spray, shampoo and skin lotion and will keep my fingers crossed it works.

no/ whatever it is it is environmental. She gets hay cubes/pellets and salt and mineral balancer (no calories/no protein, not an equilizer) … and lives in the pasture. So its not like she has soy or other potential allergens in her diet. If she is allergic to the grass there is nothing I can do.

I give my mare Zyrtec. I’ve read where studies show it doesn’t help sweet itch, but it does seem to help my mare not get so itchy, and not break out into hives.

what is the dosage for your mini donk? I tried Zyrtec last year and it didnt seem to help, but maybe I’ll try it again.

One tab twice a day until our pollen quiets down then one a day for another few weeks. Last year I was able to stop in June. He weighs about 200 pounds.

Have you tried any immune support supplements? Last year this time my (then new) mare was covered in hives and we were wearing out the benadryl and steroids. We ruled out feed and bedding and assumed she had some sort of allergy to a spring weed (we did not do formal allergy testing). She came from another area of the country so maybe something she hadn’t been exposed to before. The vet recommended Mushroom Matrix and now a year later not one hive.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that she has settled in to her new environment and this year the “new” weed is not new to her anymore, but it might be worth it to look into the mushroom supplement for your mare.

Try adding an omega-3 supplement to their diet! You want to look for one that is made from fish oil or microalgae (microalgae tends to be more palatable) like MadBarn’s w-3 oil or KER EQ-3. Flax and camelina oils are fine, but the omega-3s need to be converted in order to be used and it’s not very efficient. They’ll get a little out of plant sources of omega-3s, but DHA/EPA supplementation is way more effective! There’s been quite a lot of research on omega-3s helping with itchy skin, hives, and respiratory reactions in horses!

I’m taking my gelding for allergy testing (intradermal) on Wednesday. Last fall he started having some respiratory issues, coughing, SOB, etc. Especially on windy days. It mostly disappeared once the snow came, and has started to reappear this spring. He lives out 24/7 so we suspect and environmental allergen.
Since most of the available drugs are illegal for competition I’m hoping that allergy shots will be enough to keep things under control.

Fwiw, for the allergy testing I was asked to stop any steroids and antihistamines four weeks prior. And no Omega-3 supplements two weeks prior.

My guy is on Cyproheptadine after Hydroxyzine stopped working. Zyrtec and Benadryl also do nothing for him. In addition to Cypro, he gets Platinum Performance Skin and Allergy…and he’s on Immunotherapy Allergy Shots (once a month Nov-March/April, twice a month May-Oct).

This season his main focal points of where he decides to chew himself to death have changed slightly. Otherwise, we are still holding somewhat steady for the early part of the season. Not the best, but not the worst. If we can’t cover it, it’s free game for his teeth.

Knowing the triggers was key in getting him some sort of relief, though his main issues(Pecan, Pine, Oak) will never be resolved as long as he in on the property.

We have not branched into steroids yet.

Many of the long-term allergy medications fall under the ‘withdraw for 24 hours and fill out the med form’ for competition. I’ve had to fill out the forms multiple times. Though this year he’ll have 3 straight days of competing with the classes not 24 hours apart, so I’m trying to figure out what our game plan will be.

Also, while Allergy shots have helped, they have not extinguished the need for his additional meds. My guy has been on them for almost 2 years now and he still gets meds twice to three times a day…year-round. But, he’s less bloody! Winning!?

Unfortunately since I’m in Canada the only med that falls under the “withdraw and have vet fill out the form” for competition is dex.
My horses allergies don’t manifest as skin issues (so far knock on wood), just respiratory. I’m hopeful that we can identify the offending allergens and get some relief with immunotherapy, and just have dex on hand during show season.

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Oh dang. And I don’t have any review on the help the shots would give on the respiratory side of things since that is really the only thing he does not show. Jingles it gives him relief.

If they haven’t told you, or you haven’t read yet, it can take 6 months to a year of being on the shots to see any sort of change. I was unaware of the length of time when I started my guy. I hope you get good results from them! Allergies are so frustrating.

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Thanks, ya I’m aware of how long it could take, or that it may not help. Figured it was worth a try though. Right now his only symptom is snorting at the beginning of a ride, if it’s windy or dusty he’ll cough. I’m guessing that ragweed is a trigger since he was having “asthma attacks” last fall. He would be fine one day, and respiration’s of 30-50 breaths/minute at rest the next day. And that’s really what I’m trying to avoid again.

In a perfect world I would steam his hay so reduce any additional dust and mold. But he’s boarded.

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I have a pony who gets really really itchy in the spring/summer. I’ve tried Zyrtec, Flax, MSM, Spirulina, elevated Vitamin E, Flysheets (which he hates and I haven’t found one that actually fits. Plus we live is a really humid area so I didn’t think the fly sheet was doing anything good, just annoying him. I’ve also tried every fly spray, shampoos, ointments, etc.

Last December I started him on Ultra Cruz Skin and Allergy and so far knock on wood hes been doing a lot better. I see him itch a few times, but so far its not nearly as bad. He’s still getting Flax and MSM as well so maybe its the combo that helps? But he seems overall happier then he did at this time in previous years.