Seat saver

Anyone have a recommendation for a amazing seat saver. I have a amazing older crates saddle (in perfect condition someone had kept in their house without touching) that fits my QH beautifully. But the seat for me is awful. I can ride all day in my walkers circle y flex and feel great. But 1 hour in the crates and I’m miserable. I’ve looked at thin line and impact gel but not sure.

A tack shop sent me these Acavallo seat savers in return for a review. They are absolutely fantastic, especially the “gel out” version. I put one on my hunt saddle and it’s blissful for long rides.

I absolutely adore my sheepskin seat saver. However, sometimes the saddle just isn’t the right shape for you regardless of the padding that you use.


I have a thinline seat saver with a sheepskin over it on my Pandora. The sheepskin alone wasn’t enough (the saddle feels like sitting on a 2x4 to me but my horse loves it). The thinline made a huge difference in my comfort level.

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I’ve used the Acavallo seat saver as well. It’s very comfortable, and the gel gives you a little extra “stick” in the saddle (good for riding younger horses!).

Fuzzy Butt Seat Saver. Whitehorse Trading Post

You can get the ground seat modified by a western saddle maker, too. To raise you up above the tree and effectively narrow the seat to fit a woman better. I have no idea who can do or what it costs. I just recall some women reiners discussing getting this done and how pleased they were with results.

I have not found any synthetic/gel seat savers that I like as well as sheepskin. Mine are shear comfort brand from distance depot.

I’ve used the acavello gel out and really like it. Admittedly I bought it for a different purpose, my seat bones are set a little further apart and I wanted to ride in a stubben which have narrow twists. I used the acavello to add a little bit of width to the twist and it worked well for me.
Ultimately it does add a little bit of extra height between you and the horse, which is a shame, but a stubben is otherwise unworkable for me.