Seat Saver?

One of the accommodations from my para-dressage grading is the ability to compete using a seat saver. I am seriously looking at this;

Has anyone used one? I am cheap and I always look at items and think about how many lessons the cost would pay for. However, if it helps me ride it would be worth the cost.

I have not used that particular model (the coccyx seat saver), but have used the acavallo seat saver, the gel out version.

I found it very comfortable. I got it because I had a younger, green horse, and I wanted the little bit of extra stickiness that it provided. I liked it a lot, and it lasted multiple years.

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Yes…2 thumbs up. I had chronic tailbone pain. It escalated starting in 2010 and a workup showed nothing…so I was told. Re-visited the situation another 5-6 years down the road when it got too painful to sit on my horse (or in a chair :stuck_out_tongue:). After further imaging, it was discovered I had a fair sized spur on my tailbone. I finally had it removed in 2017. I still have some discomfort and before the surgery, I made my own seat saver with a coccyx cutout out of one of those Roma white foam half pads and covered it with a sheep skin seat saver.

Somewhere I lost the foam part of the homemade seat saver but I took two years off of riding completely to let the much abused area heal after surgery and hoped I wouldn’t need it. I discovered after surgery that my butt still would prefer some coccyx space and I found the Acavallo. I can ride pretty darn comfortably. I haven’t tried a lot of sitting trot as a few other surgeries kept me out of the saddle more than in until last year. I tend to the ‘thrifty’ side too but don’t regret this purchase at all. At this point, I am not showing and not sure I will get back to that but I will have to show without the seat unless I want to try for a dispensation.

I am planning on a beach ride in the fall when my friend and I go to the Oregon coast. I hope the stable has an English saddle or two so I can take my seat saver with me.


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I tried that one and didn’t like it. Too much bulk towards the pommel for me. But my husband I likes it.

I later tried this one and love it. I’ve recommended it to many friends who are happy with it too. After a year of ongoing rubs and bruises, this seat saver gave my riding life back to me. I got a dispensation certificate and am showing GP with it.

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I went ahead and ordered one. I figure if I hate it I can always sell it locally. Thanks for all the help! It focused my intention!

I have this seat saver and it is AMAZINGLY comfortable! No particular issues with my seat area, just wanted to make my jump saddle more cushy to fox hunt.