Seat Savers

I’m looking for a seat saver to fit my jump saddle for trail rides and would like to know what you guys recommend, as well as what size to order. My saddle is 18" with a deep seat. I also occasionally use a 17.5" with a flat seat, but the 18" deep seat is what I use the vast majority of the time.

So far, I’ve looked at Fleeceworks and they offer both an 18" (medium) and a 19" (large), but I’m not sure which would accommodate my saddle better, as I’ve never used a seat saver and am unsure how they should measure for my saddle’s size.

Would you guys recommend the Fleeceworks or something different, and is there a general rule of thumb for what size to order for a specific seat size?


I love my sheepskin seat savers. I have a “full english” (goes on an 18 inch Solstice dressage) and an “oversized english seat” that goes on my Freeform. Both are Shear Comfort and I’m very happy with them. I do leave them on all the time, the full cover is not hard to remove but it takes a bit to get everything resettled, the seat only one is easier to remove but it’s so dang comfy I just keep it all the time.
Both are from here:


From personal experience, always buy a sheepskin or jelly seat saver for best comfort. Most are fairly adjustable, using elastic straps and/or velcro, because they are made to be able to fit multiple brands of saddle. I would go by your saddle size.

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Acavallo makes nice seat savers. I have a coccyx relief one for my saddle.



Another vote for the Shear Comfort brand. We have the english seat only that @irish_horse linked to above on our 18" Rubicons:

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