Securing phone on trails

This weekend I dropped my phone for the second time while trail riding. I can’t mount from the ground so it’s a problem, fortunately I was able to put my horse in a gully to remount. But I have a horseback riding vacation coming up and I’d like to find a way to carry my phone where it is secured to my body but also easily accessible for me to get out and take pictures and videos, but that if I “drop” it from my hand it’s still attached to me/the horse/the tack so it’s not truly dropped.

Any recommendations would be great!…alize-belt-bag

I went with this belt bag because it was the only one that I could find that wasn’t bulky. It holds my phone, cards and some treats. That’s it. I tried Target, REI, Smartpak… you name it. I kept coming back to this one because of its slim design. I actually use it daily as a wallet.

I have used the Cashel Ankle Safe for years.

I picked out a waterproof running belt from amazon. They are cheap, comfy to wear, and no bounce!

Mine is big enough for keystone knife in one pocket and a phone in the other with room to spare.

You need a tether on your phone. My new Garmin inReach has a tether and clip. Now I think my phone also needs a case that has a tether on it.

I find my phone very very slippery, and try not to use it riding

I had a big thigh pocket added to my riding pants. The phone can be accessed quickly, and shouldn’t cause injury if I fall.

many tether systems come with a silicone wrap that you put the phone inside. Has a lower profile so you can opt to slide the phone into a cargo pocket. A bulkier case and tether system might limit where you can easily store while in the saddle.

this one comes with a disc you slip inside your case and replace the phone over it.

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Yes! Exactly what I need.

I have my barn keys attached to a loop inside my fanny pack pouch. I would love to have the phone also anchored inside my pouch with this.

This keeps your phone accessible;…iABEgIfXvD_BwE

Put it in a pocket and the lanyard round your neck, or clip it somewhere. This seems to have the best clip attachment.

They have several models;

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That looks good too. However I never ride with anything around my neck!

I don’t think it’s mandatory.

Yes exactly! It’s not just securing it - I have armbands or pockets that can do that - but preventing it from falling if I drop it because I want to use it while riding to take pictures and video.

I ended up buying this one which is more expensive than some of the other ones posted above, but should allow me to use the current case and I can put it on my belt with my belt clip and still be tethered to me.

I definitely don’t want to wear it around my neck - I also have a pouch already for that, but would not be great to have that bouncing against my chest or fly up and bash my face while cantering on the trail. :lol:

I’ll post a review after I get it and am able to use it.

This works great. I have a belt holster that the phone clips in and then I have this around the phone with the tether attached to a belt loop. At one point I didn’t get it snapped into the holster and a minute later realized it was dangling - exactly how it’s supposed to work. The tether does make it a little harder on pictures since you can’t hold it as far from you. But all in all I’m happy with the purchase and will keep using it on trails.

I’m on my second Horse Holster. I got one of the newer, bigger ones that will hold my phone, glasses and chapstick, with a front pocket for like a trail map. I use the velcro cinch and wrap it around the top of my calf, over my tall boots or half-chaps with the holster facing out. Very easy to reach down, lift the flap and pull my phone out or put it back up. Doesn’t slide or move. Love them.