Seeking Pasture Board for Yearling in Los Angeles/Malibu/Agoura Hills

I’m purchasing a yearling from the east coast, and will be bringing her to Southern California soon. I am looking for recommendations for pasture board for her near Los Angeles. I would prefer Agoura Hills, Malibu, Thousand Oaks, etc., if possible.

I do have an option in Santa Ynez, and am still strongly considering it. However, it is 2+ hours away and I would not get to see her and work with her as often as I’d like to.

Does anyone have any recommendations and also know the prices/rates? I am interested in possibly checking out Saddlerock Ranch, but am having a hard time finding the correct person to contact over there as I currently don’t know anyone who boards there.


I know it’s hard, but IMO keep the yearling back east as long as possible. Even the best pasture around here hardly compares to a mediocre pasture back east and your youngster will have such an advantage galloping in large fields with groups of other youngsters learning and enjoying life as a horse.

I boarded my first foal at Saddlerock and even though she got to be in their biggest pasture in the most idyllic scenery, they just didn’t notice things in a timely manner such as illness or injury and made big changes in feeding practices without notifying me first. Maybe management is better now, but have heard similar stories of those who have boarded there… Swanhill in Moorpark is another that used to be okay, but nothing in comparison to what you might find back east. Daycreek might be your best bet locally.

Santa Ynez is your next best option, but have heard plenty of negative outcomes there as well. Definitely better options for your yearling up there though or maybe Ojai. I would also consider how each of these places will hold up to a Godzilla El Niño.

I know it is hard not to be able to see your youngster often and get to work with them, but having boarded a few babies locally and knowing many professionals around here who have done the same - much better to find a reputable place with real acreage and real pasture until your baby is closer to three. Better for joints, muscle development, coordination, manners, and mental health IMO.

If you are determined to bring her west, I’d suggest looking in Temecula or up near DG Bar for pasture board for a baby.

Not what you wanted to hear I know.

You will not find good pasture in any of those areas. Further… we are heading into what will be the fire season from H*ll. Do you really want your yearling in the middle of a flaming mountain where no one can get to her? I’d suggest not. With the drought and whatnot, there are no places with pasture. Grass lots yes. Pasture, no.

Swanhill would be a good place for boarding a youngster, as at least the paddocks are huge and they would get to move around. However, you don’t find much in the way of group turnout because of the risks, anywhere.

Again, my biggest questions would be about what happens in a fire? How are they prepared.