Seeking Pony Trail Saddle Recommendations

ISO recommendations for a lightweight trail saddle.

My horse is 14.1 and wears a 17" med/wide dressage saddle. Her back is average/slightly wide, she is built slightly downhill, and her shoulders are narrow.

I’m looking for something comfortable for the trail. Can’t be too big/heavy as she and I are both petite and she’s still working on building muscle.

I like a dressage saddle. Light weight, secure, the thigh blocks are fantastic on steep hills and if you throw on a full sheepskin extremely comfortable.

I also love Crestridge Saddles for trail. Very comfortable and affordable. If you go with their Leather/Cordura saddles you wi be in the 17-19lb range

Thanks! My dressage saddle isn’t very deep and my mare is green so I’m interested in a trail saddle with a bit more security. I will check out the Crestridge saddles.

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If you can find a used Abetta endurance or Abetta western saddle with a rounded skirt, they are lightweight and seem to fit a variety of horses.

I have 2 myself. I don’t know if they are back in production yet, but I have seen some used on Ebay and horse sites that sell tack…