Selle Francais selection process

Disclaimer: I’m not a breeder but I am trying to learn.

I’m in France where the main registry is Selle Francais and I was a bit surprised to learn that for 3 year old stallions there is a mounted jump part of the selection process along with the mounted flat work. For the jumping part, the rules state it can be trot or canter in to a line with the final jump being a max of 1.10m. For the eventing division, the championships for 3 year olds includes a short course of 4 jumps with a max of 1.10m.

After for the age classes it’s:
4 + 5 year olds - jumps up to 1.15m
5 + 6 year olds - 1.25 m
6 year olds - 1.35m

For the championships, the jump height can be increased by 5 cm and there are “open” classes at shorter heights (4 year olds start at .95 cm).

I know in Europe jumps are higher in general but this all seems a bit overwhelming for such a young growing horse, especially if he’s campaigning to be bred or sold.

Of course the age of starting a horse can be a touchy subject so that’s not why I’m here, but I’d like to know: do other registries follow the same idea? I believe for Hanoverian stallion testing there is a 70-day onsite test but from what I understand that is at 4 years old (?). Basically I’d like to know how the Selle Francais licensing process compares to other European breed registries.

Just looked up Dubarry Young Event Horses, here in the UK, classes for 4 and 5 year olds. 4 yr olds jump 90 cm.

Anglo-European Studbook (AES) stallion grading for showjumpers, 4yr old stallion jumps a short course at 1.1m and height increases with age. Didn’t know that AES register and grade all over Europe and in the USA.

One need not present a three year old stallion :woman_shrugging:

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