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Selling a field hunter etiquette

I’m planning to sell a fox hunting horse this fall. Assuming I don’t magically find a buyer in my own hunt, is it expected that a buyer will come hunt with my club and pay a cap? Or if I am willing to go to them would they cover my cap on my own horse? I’m not sure about leaving them unsupervised in the field for 3 hours.

No definitely not.

Sometimes if they don’t have a good hunter already, I’ll take two - the sale horse and a made horse. I put them on the made horse first so they can relax and watch how the sale horse goes, then we swap mid hunt.
Or they bring their own to ride and we switch.
Either way, yes the buyer pays caps (theirs, yours if necessary) and I Sometimes charge a hireling fee if it is a total stranger or something…but this is my business so YMMV.
I would not send any of my horses out without me in attendance if not in the same field. (They go second, I go first, etc. But I’d ask hunting friends to be my eyes and ears for sure, if I wasn’t riding herd myself. )


Generally what’s done here --from @Hunter_s_Rest.

And now off the subject short (really) story —had a young woman, more of an acquaintance than a friend, out to hunt on my young hunter. She seemed to be a good rider, and I liked having my young horse out where I could see him react to different situations. All good.

On the way home, she waxed excitedly about how much she’d enjoyed the day. The she asked if she could bring her husband next time so they could ride out together.

She said they would drive up and meet me at the hunt club.

I was silent for a minute (maybe longer), then reminded her that I only had two hunters, and a two horse trailer. Did she expect me to wait at the club while they rode out on my horses that I brought for them?

She said, “Oh, would you mind?”

I think it was then that I understood the meaning of the word, “Snowflake.”

FYI it is a 90 min. haul to my hunt club. I rather suspect she would want me to pay both her capping and her husbands (lamely trying to make this relevant to the question . . .)


That is some epic entitlement from her @Foxglove! I would have said, “I’d be delighted! The hireling fee will be $300 and you of course owe your caps to the hunt.”

@Hunter_s_Rest everything else I have is green, so they’re either on their own horse watching me and swapping, or getting on from the get go. This is not a beginner horse, so I think my target audience will be willing to just hop on. Thanks for clarifying the cap situation!