Selling the High End Bridle Aftermarket

I did a stupid thing and impulse purchased a high-end bridle that was final sale.
At the time, I thought my young horse was headed for the hunter ring, but time is proving otherwise.

I’ve tried all the usual resources I know to sell this bridle - Facebook Marketplace, Ebay. I’ve even reached out to 3 high-end tack resellers.

Is it just that much harder to sell bridles than other goods?

Is there anything I haven’t thought of? Any social media site that is popular? I’m not very App-savvy, so I don’t know of any other resources that the kids might be using these days.

I used to have a lot of success selling tack or goods that I didn’t need through Facebook. Their new “Marketplace” setup really sucks. They changed something that used to work really well. So frustrating.

What brand/size is it?

(P.S. I have a friend who sells a lot of tack online. She says bridles and girths are some of the hardest sells.)

I had no luck with Facebook, but was able to eventually sell two PS bridles that had been for my retired horse on EBay. It just took a little longer. Still an improvement over Facebook—tons more views. My marketplace add had views in the single digits after weeks of trying to market it in multiple groups. The algorithm just wouldn’t show it to anyone.


It’s an Edgewood. I thought I would have no trouble selling it!

That is good info to know. I’m glad to get feedback from other sellers. Definitely validates my experience!

Thanks for the response! That is good to know. I will put it back up on eBay and be more patient.

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The Tried Equestrian will probably take it? They take a commission, but it’s so much easier than dealing with listing and shipping things yourself.


There are some FB a groups specific to Edgewood and similar brands. You could try in those groups if you haven’t already. As others have said, I’ve also had good luck selling on eBay. I’ve sold CWD, Voltaire, Vespucci, and Edgewood bridles there pretty easily.

It’s also easier to sell full sized tack than cob or oversized. Be aware of size and color when you price things. Good luck!


How competitively are you pricing it? My thoughts on buying “used” (even if unused) is that if it’s not a good enough price difference I may as well buy new to get the perk of returning if it doesn’t fit.



For a used bridle in good/lightly used condition, the difference in price between new and used probably maxes out at a couple hundred dollars, which, in the grand scheme of things (especially in the horse world) just isn’t all that much. The difference in $$$ is not so high that your average horse-person in the market for such a bridle can’t just save an extra month or two and buy a brand new one instead of risk the used one not being what they expected/damaged/a knockoff, etc.

For those horse owners on a tight budget where $200-300 IS a significant sum 1) they’re probably not going to be shopping for high end bridles 2) for the price of the used bridle, they could buy a decent mid-tier bridle brand new with a return policy and no risk of the bridle arriving dry-rotted, damaged, wrong size, etc.


It’s aftermarket but not used, if I’m reading the OP correctly.

OP - I was in the market for some Edgewood replacement pieces last year. I went to eBay and Marketplace first. I was hoping to find used and probably would have bought anything I found in very good condition, but would have expected to pay about 60-70% of retail depending on the wear. With a full bridle in new without tags condition, I would list starting at 75-85% of retail, list why it is for sale, and take offers above 65-70% of retail. But expect it to be slow going, because when people want a NEW bridle, they go to a tack shop.


I have recently seen Edgewood bridles listed for sale in various Facebook groups, in ads that stress the current wait to buy new. That might be a helpful angle for your sale.


If you are willing to put the time in for it, I have had some luck searching for ISO posts in the tack Facebook groups and commenting with my items on those, if the post is fairly recent. Just helps to get it in front of the folks who are looking for them sometimes.


There’s an app called TackTack (formerly TackTackRoom) that is pretty neat and seems to have quite a bit of traction from what I can tell. I’ve bought off of there, but not sold. Might be worth a try! My usual go-tos for purchasing tack online are that and eBay.

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This is what worked best for me when I had items to sell. Only the most popular and desirable stuff would sell immediately from a listing if well priced. The majority of sales came from scrolling through a tack sale group each night and targeting individual items specifically to people who were looking for them.


I may actually be interested. Sending you a PM.

I had a LIGHTLY used Edgewood girth that SAT on eBay for quite some time. I finally sold it this week which is nearly 50% off retail (it was a fleece lined hunter girth). I think with higher end tack, the market is just a bit smaller. Sometimes, it will just take a while. I had to be patient with mine!

It’s really hit or miss with a lot of high end tack. There are also a lot more bridle companies around now who make nice, moderately priced bridles that people are going for. People can buy more than one type of bridle and customize the color and style and have more mid quality bridles than say one high quality bridle. I’ve sat on some high end pieces that just needed the right buyer to purchase.

On the other hand, if you have a nice tack store that sells consignment near you, often high quality bridles will sell well there. People can see them in person and it’s less of a risk to spend several hundred dollars on something sight unseen online. A lot of used bridles don’t photograph well when sold online.

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I sell all my tack on Facebook! High End English Tack is a good group, and then there are the bigger ones like English Tack Exchange and English Tack Trader but they are almost too big, posts get buried.

I would also suggest the Edgewood Facebook page. Things seem to sell quicker on that. I would agree with what many posters have said though that the markdown to sell quickly has to be pretty significant.

In a recent experience I was looking for an Antares hunter bridle, I saw some posted online in what they claimed was basically brand new condition for around $550. A new one is $610. I tried to haggle down a little more but she was not budging. I ended up buying new. And happy I did. Even a “new” unused bridled that sits in a barn for a few months collecting dust isn’t as fresh as one right out of the package. Bonus my trainer is sponsored by Antares and with the discount it was under 550.

How much was it used (if at all?) and how discounted is it from retail?