Semen for Bernstein 761 SWB or his dilute sons esp. Banquo!!

This is my first post and so forgive me if this subject has been covered before!
I was wondering if anyone knew if there was any Bernstein semen left? If not, do you know if it is still possible to get semen for any of his dilute stallion sons (listed below)?

Banquo SWB s 1994 SE/US CR Bernstein 761 Bellis Ganesco 503
Bellonard SWB s 1999 SE/NO PA Dr4 Bernstein 761 Bellou Lombard 592
Benethon SWB s 1994 SE BU Dr7 Bernstein 761 Modique Modesto

Ravell 959 SWB s 1994 SE BU Dr5 Bernstein 761 Dancing Lady Toe Hold

I love all that he achieved and his quality would give substance to my mare.
Thanks so much,
Diora :confused:

No there is not any Bernstein semen left that I am aware of as I also looked into it. I have owned two buckskin Bernstein mares in the past (currently still have one right now) and I would love to have had more of that bloodline. Both girls are older and getting close to the ends of their breeding careers so my fingers are crossed for a dilute filly to replace her dam this spring! Unfortunately I had no luck when looking into the Bernstein semen and sure wish there was some!

You “might” find some from Banquo I am not sure. However, I don’t think he was ever approved Swedish.

The other stallions you would have to check into the specific stallion stations that they stand at to see if they are available. I have not heard of any of them being offered in NA.

I believe this stallion is approved Swedish


I believe Catapult had a 2yr license which expired but you would have to double check with his owner to confirm this.

Are you looking only for dilute Swedish stallions?

This stallion isn’t Swedish but he’s cremello. Approved Oldenburg and competing FEI.

Catapult was gelded too (I’m pretty sure). Seems a shame. Nice boy