Sergio Boots? Found some at a good price, tell me about them has some exclusive deal with Sergio tall boot close outs and they start at 350. They sound like a good deal, but I’m not really familiar with the brand. I really liked the Imperia’s they look like they would be really pretty on. oes anyone have a pair? thoughts?

Love mine. If they had my size I would be ordering a 2nd pair.

which style do you like best? Did they break in pretty easy? do the zippers hold up?

Farmhouse is great to deal with, I frequently called and their wonderful sales people would answer all my questions.

which style do you like best? Did they break in pretty easy? do the zippers hold up?[/QUOTE]

I have the Imperial and Perguia. I got the Perguia on sale super cheap…they are just a tad short on me but I loved the boots so much I ordered the Imperial at full price.

Both are beautiful boots. The Imperial were easier for me to get tall enough for my leg. Both sets of boots broken in like butter easily and the zippers have held up well for me. I’m not nice to my boots…and these have withstood my punishment. I wear them daily.

Farmhouse is great to deal with, I frequently called and their wonderful sales people would answer all my questions.[/QUOTE]

I second this. They are great.

Currently breaking in a pair of Imperias. They are beautiful and I think once they are broken in they are going to be awesome. I, too, would be snagging a second pair if they had my size.

Thanks for the help, I bought a pair. Fingers crossed they fit! :slight_smile:

Ive seen 2 pairs fall apart within a year and 2 pairs last forever so eh I don’t really know.

I can’t remember what model I have, but they held up great (riding 8-10 horses per week plus teaching lessons) for 3-4 years before I blew a zipper. I love them.

I ordered the Perguias from Farmhouse and they are totally gorgeous. I like them as much as my Monacos. They look custom and are comfortable out of the box. The leather is very thin so my only concern is longevity. I got them to school in but they are so pretty I might school in the Monacos and save these. I am lucky I have big feet because the big ones come in quite tall shelf sizes which is not that common (the ones I ordered are 50cm). it’s great to find shelf boots that don’t look short off the rack. I’ve been an Ariat user for decades because it’s hard to find others that tall.

BFNE, how is the leather on your Perguias holding up with use? Do you use that pair a lot?

Just ordered a pair, thanks for the tip! They had a size close to mine and I figure for this price it’s worth seeing just how close they are!

I also don’t remember what model I have, but I’ve had them for close to 10 years and they are still going strong. Broke in easily, and held up beautifully when I was riding in them almost every day for several years. I don’t ride in them much any more because I haven’t been showing, but every time I dig them out, they slide right back on and feel exactly the same.

They are gorgeous!!! I recently got a pair of Sergio Grassos and I am in love with them. I have a pair of custom boots from another brand, and I just got a pair of Segios off the rack for schooling so I can just show in my nicer boots. The Sergios fit just as well as my customs and I am in love with them! Unfortunately, figuring out your size is difficult- they should have a better sizing chart. FYI- Smartpak is having a Sergio sale too, but they only have certain sizes left. The field boots are 40% off (very limited sizes), the dress boots are 50% off (more sized than field boots).

Got my pair in the mail yesterday and I am in LOVE!!! LOVE THEM!!! :slight_smile:
WAY nicer than I was expecting and worth every penny!.. does happy dance in
new fancy italian leather boots… LOL… I won’t spend more than 50 on sneakers but tall boots… I’m all over it!! :slight_smile: Thanks for the help guys!! :slight_smile:

ptshco have you gotten yours yet??

I got mine yesterday, too, and am already a little obsessed with them!!! They are definitely not too big but boy they are pretty and super comfortable, and miraculously the right height for me, which is very hard to find. Can’t wait to ride in them. May just go run errands this weekend in breeches and boots and admire how fancy I look :slight_smile: It’s funny because in the past year I got an Italian saddle (Equipe - love), Italian helmet (Kask - love), and now Italian tall boots. People will start to wonder if I just have a thing for Italians!