Servis, Navarro, 25 Others Indicted on Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Including use on Maximum Security.

This is going to be huge. I have to admit, I always did wonder seeing Servis’ win percentage if he had something extra in his barn.…hancing-drugs/

So, how fast do the West’s dump Servis?

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I just saw that. I hope they throw the book at everyone involved. :disgust:


I’m waiting for the Wests to sue somebody saying that this investigation wasn’t fair and in fact is like “totalitarian regimes in third-world countries.”

Sorry. That was unkind. I will say about Max, I have always thought he obviously has a lot of heart and determination and always seemed to try very hard in his races. He clearly doesn’t want to lose. It’s a shame that they were using drugs to try to supplement that spirit. I wish the horse the best. His connections are hardly his fault.


That indictment is pretty scary for those who have been doing bad stuff. Stating that ALL of the horses in Servis’ charge were administered the PEDs is pretty freaking damning, and not something that would have been done without adequate information. So, now how many horses are going to need new trainers?

Wow, this one goes way, way beyond possible feed contamination, dosage and timing mistakes, finger pointing and disgruntled employees. FBI sting with wire taps and implanted agents according to the horse racing nation release, involving a regular ring operating to provide and administer the drugs and conceal it from racing authorities.

Soooo…will they be allowed to continue sending horses out until proven guilty or will just being indicted suffice? How about the dirty vets, will their license be suspended when inducted? Anybody know offhand?

The sickest thing here is the long term side effects of pumping this sh*t into them is completely unknown, They don’t care.They were allegedly falsifying prescriptions and relabeling the stuff which definitely shows deliberate intent. Asshats.

Tip of the iceberg here?

Could this possibly effect the results of past races? Is there any precedent?


Asshats indeed.

I believe this quote from the Horseracingnation article speaks to what you said above:

Navarro “personally administered various adulterated and misbranded PEDs to X Y Jet,” who died suddenly in January of what the trainer had said was a heart attack.

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Maybe Max will get disqualified from the Saudi Cup too! I wouldn’t mind Midnight Bisou being the winner (love her!) but I feel bad for Max. He seems like a nice horse that tries hard.

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Maybe. Or maybe he’d be a different horse without those drugs.

One of the things that’s so sad about the situation is that it calls into question everything those two trainers’ horses accomplished.


Whoa! Wonder who flipped for a get out of jail free card.
It will be interesting to see how this all plays out & who ends up being charged/convicted.


Apparently, Navarro has been arrested, and they are looking for Servis and plan to arrest him, too.

Think it goes a lot deeper then a snitch. It takes the Feds a long time to set these things up and it’s not easy even for the FBI to get a wire tap authorized without a boatload of probable cause and a judges signature. May have had an undercover operative involved here since the dirty vets who dispense controlled substances were altering drug labels to conceal what was really in the bottle. More then “just’ doping horses going on here. DEA possibly, they are no joke.


If Servis is smart, He’s at his attorney’s office, trying to negotiate a way to do this as quietly as possible, post bond, and get back outta Dodge…

And if Servis DID do the things they are accusing him - and everyone else - I hope they nail him - and them - to the WALL!!!


Sad for hoses, sad for owners, having their accomplishments nullified.

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Oh I realize this investigation has probably been going on for some time. But someone had to say something & have some type of evidence to get it started.
The feds don’t start investigating people just for shits & giggles.

Hopefully they are able to get all parties involved.


Agree on that, but looks like there weren’t any leaks and they coordinated releasing the accusations with the start of the arrests. Assuming they are picking up the vets at the moment as well as suspending their licenses.


Maybe I’m naive, but let’s hope horse racing has the ba**s to stand up for itself. Take away MS’s eclipse.
If the sport I love doesn’t do something, now, it will cease to be after last year and now this.



I feel bad for the horses and owners (if the owners were really unaware of this sh*t going on).

I feel not bad at all for Servis or Navarro or any of the other participants. PEDs are not good in this day and age. Do athletes still use them? Yeah :frowning: Many will get caught (I’m thinking all sports, not just racing). I hope they are all slammed… relabeling drugs by vets? OMG.

Makes you wonder how many owners knew what was going on. If you use a trainer who has a reputation for a higher than normal win %, that might be a clue. I feel bad for Maximum Security and all the other horses that were drugged or run when they shouldn’t have. A horse does not get to pick it’s connections.