Setting up a farm in VA

Hi everyone
My husband and I are moving from DFW area Texas to Rockbridge Baths, VA. I will be transitioning from operating a 25 stall Eventing and Show Jumping training operation to having my private horses and doing a few sales. Building my own place has always seemed like a dream come true but wow lots of things going on. Does anyone have any VA specific things I should consider in my planning process? I originally planned on a covered ring. How necessary is this? As you can imagine the budget gets eaten up quick so I’m trying to find money in it where I can. Could I get by with a nice outdoor with all weather footing. I do spend 6-8 weeks in FL in the winter. I really appreciate any words of wisdom on the topic!

A friend of mine lives south of Roanoke and keeps her eventers in work without an indoor. She does go to Aiken for a couple of weeks in early February.

If you are planning to escape to FL during the worst of winter then perhaps you can do without.

But if sales are going to be a big part of your setup then you may need it so you can show horses in any weather.

Unless you are ok losing several weeks here and there to frozen footing (excluding your time in FL), then yes, you need an indoor ring (not just covered). It can definitely freeze for a week (sometimes two) at a time, several times, over winter. If you are flexible, you’ll be fine without. If you need to come out of winter with fit horses ready to show, then you need to make arrangements.

Alternatively, other trainers that go to florida in the winter often lease their places, so if you are only gone a few weeks, consider leasing the facility of someone who is gone Jan-Mar.

Up in that area of VA, you probably will want an indoor if you want to keep your horse’s in work though out the winter.

I lived in VA Beach for a few years and would loose 3 or 4 weeks for frozen ground. In the mountains, I am guessing more time.