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Setzi Saddles and similar with a "hole"/channel

I recently came across some really interesting minimalist saddles, such as these:

(Particularly the Balenti and Reale models)

I was wondering if that center channel would resolve some rider comfort issues I’m having - has anyone ridden in something like this? If so, how did you get one, and did you/your horse like it? It seems most of my searching takes me to sellers in the UAE.

I have a Specialized Ultralight. It’s not quite as minimalist as some of the Setzis and has a slightly smaller center channel. I find it extremely comfortable and well balanced. I have ridden in a Pandora and really liked it too (but the horse I bought it for didn’t)
If you like the look of the Setzi but don’t want to have to deal with buying internationally, I would look into Podiums. They have at least a couple of dealers in the US


Setzi saddles IMO are the best, very comfortable, excellent manufacture. I had a Podium (a Trek One) and it was fine but not as comfortable and it caused one of my hips to ache after some months of use

I was immediately reminded of the U.S. Army Cavalry McClellan saddles with open centers.


Where were you able to purchase one? (There doesn’t seem to be a dealer in U.S. and website has no shopping cart or referrals to stockists).

I’m in Europe but I thought they were selling their saddles overseas too. I’ll be at the most ancient European horse Fair in November in Verona, they are always there, I’ll ask👍

I guess you have to purchase in person . . . like from a booth at a show. There don’t seem to be any websites. Thanks!

Setzi sells online:

And so does Podium:

I had a look at their website too, they seem to ship everywhere

Maybe you can get in touch with them


Very comfortable saddles! Lightweight, fit multiple horses, handy rings and slots.

I recently met the USA Setzi rep/importer. I’ll see if I can get contact information for you.

Alex said they’re working on revamping the website and getting more formal stuff set up. This email will. get. him and/or someone in Spain.


PM me if you want Alex’s direct contact info.

The McClellans? I learned to ride in those suckers. The instructor was on a bit of a tight budget and managed to procure a number of them at an excellent price. Or something. In any event, I did not find them particularly comfortable. They pinched, though the pinching did remind you to sit evenly. They were kind of hard. But I can ride in pretty much any saddle now and not complain too much.

Photographic evidence. Roughly 1964 near Thousand Oaks adjacent to the 101 freeway. Probably covered with houses now.