SF Bay Area saddle fitter? (independent or brand rep)

Looking for recommendations for a good dressage saddle fitter who covers the SF Bay Area. Ideally independent with a large inventory of used/demos to try, but I’d be happy with a brand rep as long as they are very good at what they do and willing to say if their brand just isn’t going to work for my horse or me.

I am in the SF Bay Area and can suggest two saddle fitters. David Gilpin of Winnow Saddlery is a Master Saddler. He will fit any brand to your horse. He is a rep for WOW but he will fit any brand and is fantastic. He has fit saddles for three of my students and done an amazing job.

Kendra with Opium saddlery is also excellent. She has fit two of my students saddles. She too will fit any brand but likes Custom saddles. Neither of them will bring a whole selection of saddles for you to try but if you drive up to Saddles to Boots in Santa Rosa they have an excellent selection of used saddles at all times and you can see if you start to gravitate toward one brand over another or buy one and have one of the above fitters fit it to your horse and you.

Teri Rohm is professional and friendly.

Sudan Hartje will come with a variety of different saddles to try on.

Both are independent.